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Friday, February 02, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 6: The Temporarily Last, and Yet Not Least, of a Coninuing Series of Exotic Excitementations

And so… We suddenly come to the end of the list of what I, so far, have been able to gather in addition to the original collections by Xtabay.

It is, in no way, the end of what I've collected so far. I'm doing my best, however, to divide the volumes in this compilation series into sets that will fit onto a CD. That way, you can listen to them, one at a time, in your automobile without having to mess with any of that New-Fangled USB Thumb-Drive crap, or a Satellite Radio Station, or anything owned by Alphabet, or Meta, or any other of the corporations who wish only to replace their Human Customers with Artificially Intelligent Idiot Boxes who, when responding to Price Hikes, simply Print More Money!!!

It's true. I am attempting to SAVE THE WORLD FROM ITSELF!!!

Like that's gonna happen, right?

I'll add the next collection as soon as I'm able to fill it in.

Chicks and Dudes, Boys and Girls, Guys and Dames, Here It Is…
The Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 6!!!

01. Quiet Village - Robert Walter
 02. Quiet Village - The Quiet Villagers
03. Quiet Village - Martini Kings
04. Quiet Village - Friendly Science Orchestra
05. Quiet Village - hackedepicciotto
06. Quiet Village - The Ukeladies
07. Quiet Village - Brett Barnes
08. Quiet Village (DubVersion) - Water Melon Group
09. My Quiet Village - Perizomata
10. Quiet Village - Bo Axelzon & His Exotic Orchestra
11. Martin Denny's Quiet Village - NickToda
12. Quiet Village - Capitão Fausto & Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras
13. Quiet Village ALL STAR JAM! -
The Thurston Howlies w/ SHAG, Sven Kirsten & Matteo "Hukilau" Brown
14. Unquiet Village - Nukegara w/ Michio "Shambi" Ishida & The World Records All Stars
15. Warm Ups — Quiet Village - Bonnie Prudden
16. Watersongh - Virk Astroblab
There is, at some point, More to Come!
Please enjoy what we've got so far!

Friday, January 26, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 5: Continuing Additions to an Incredibly Silent, Somewhat Metropolitan Assumption

Okay Already… If you've made it this far I figure you must be in it for the long haul.

That being said… The collection of preexisting materials and data so arranged to form a new original work under the law of copyright continues!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present… The Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 5!!!

01. Quiet Village - The Exotic Guitars
02. Quiet Village - Donny Diaz
03. Quiet Village - L'Ensemble Instrumental Des Iles
04. Quiet Village - Don Telling's Island Mysteries
05. Quiet Village - The Beachcomber Trio
06. Quiet Village - Jungle Partners
07. Quiet Village - George Wright
08. Quiet Village - Jon Hall
09. My Quiet Village - Mavis Rivers
10. Quiet Village - The Tampicos
11. Quiet Village - Blue Pau
12. Quiet Village - Martinas & His Music
13. Quiet Village - Francis Bay & His Orchestra
14. Quiet Village - George Cates & His Orchestra
15. Quiet Village - Tiki Paradise
16. Quiet Village - The MidCenturions
17. Quiet Village - The Tiki Torches
18. Quiet Village - Thomas Zunk
19. Quiet Village (Piano Lounge Mix) - Uptown Piano Man
Please Enjoy! And…
Once Enjoyed,  Enjoy Again and Again!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 4:
Ongoing Iterations of an Original Upload Conglomeration

WHAT!?! Still Here?!?

Alrighty, then! Nice to see so many in search of even more quiet villages. Be aware, I'm not promising directions to QUIETER Villages. I can only direct you to Quiet Villages to which you, perhaps, have not been previously directed.

More Quiet Villages, as Opposed to Villages that are More Quiet.

If you like Villages that are Quiet, continue to follow the path down which I lead.

If you HATE (or ARE OTHERWISE INTOLERANT of) VILLAGE SOUNDS, get yerself some Friggin' Earplugs! And Download This Marvelous Collection!

01. Quiet Village - The Waitiki 7
02. Quiet Village - Jerry Sun
03. Quiet Village - The Five Glow Tones
04. Quiet Village - The Longines Symphonette
05. Quiet Village - Project: Pimento
06. Quiet Village - Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers
07. Quiet Village - Five-Eaux
08. Quiet Village - George LaSalle Orchestra
09. Quiet Village - Electrospinner
10. Quiet Village - Water Melon Group
11. Quiet Village - Jimmy Virani
12. Quiet Village - Len Stevens & His Orchestra
13. Quiet Village - The Manakooras
14. Quiet Village '67 - Theophile & Bernard
15. Quiet Village - Fisherman
16. Quiet Village - Martini Kings
17. Quiet Village - Living Percussion
18. Quiet Village - Frank Barclay & His Paradise Orchestra & Chorus
Might There Be More!?! I Mean… How Could There Be?!?
    Oh, Well… I Guess We'll Find Out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 3:
Beginnings of a New Post Bonanza

Okay… As interesting as all of the items that Xtabay collected were, like 18 years ago, he was limited by the technology with which he was dealing at the time. Of course, the technology he was dealing with was so advanced that he thought he was in a sort-of Digital Technology Wonderland! My, how time flies…

After listening to the Xtabay Compilations for nearly two decades, and being made aware of other existing as well as a few NEW versions of Quiet Village, I decided to see if I could put another collection of different renditions, by different artists, of The Tiki Theme Song together.

Boy Howdy, was I in for a SHOCK!?! This is the first batch of those covers that I was able to gather together. I warn you… THERE ARE OTHERS!!!

01. Quiet Village - Deryn Trainer
02. Quiet Village - 101 Strings
03. Quiet Village - Willie Restum
04. Quiet Village - El Chicano
05. Quiet Village - Billy Joe Winghead
06. Quiet Village - Don Cunningham Quartet
07. Quiet Village - The Tikigraphs
08. Quiet Village Cha Cha - Modesto Durán y su Charanga Kings
09. Quiet Village - Hiroshi Okazaki & His Star Gazers feat. Kayoko Ishu
10. Quiet Village - Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks
11. Quiet Village - Danny Gatton
12. Quiet Village - Wynton Kelly
13. My Quiet Village - Darla Hood
14. Quiet Village - Cocktail Inn
15. Quiet Village - The Tiki Collective
16. Quiet Village - Dulzaides Quinteto y Orquesta
17. Quiet Village - The Ritchie Family
18. Quiet Village - The Ukadelics
19. Quiet Village - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
Hopin' Ya Diggit! Like I sed… More to Come!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 2:
A Continuing Repost Extravaganza

This, Volume 2 of the Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village compilation set collected by Xtabay, is the continuation of what was begun with the original batch.

A whole bunch of good Quiet Village recordings, by a whole bunch of good bands including a United States Military Steel Drum Ensemble, a legendary Blues Guitarist, and a Couple of Tards.

01. Quiet Village - 10th Naval District Steelband
02. Quiet Village - Al Bollington
03. Quiet Village - The Astronauts
04. Quiet Village - Bill Justis
05. Quiet Village - Danny Gatton
06. Quiet Village - Earl Grant
07. Quiet Village - The Ensemble of Seven
08. Quiet Village - Ferrante & Teicher
09. Quiet Village - Longines Symphonette Society
10. Quiet Village - Johnny Gibbs & His Orchestra
11. Quiet Village - Jonathan Knight
12. Quiet Village - Leo Addeo & His Orchestra
13. Quiet Village - My Skinny Wonderland
14. Quiet Village - Don Hicks & Friends
15. Quiet Village - Ray Lindsay
16. Quiet Village - The Aliis
17. Quiet Village - Vinnie Bell
18. Quiet Village - Whitey Theador
19. Quiet Village - H.B. Barmun & His Orchestra
20. Quiet Village - The Tards
21. Quiet Village -The Ventures
Please to Enjoy! More Even After!

Quiet Village: A Repost Extravaganza

Way back in the first decade of the 21st Century there was this Blog, operated by a fella from Australia who refered to himself as Xtabay, called "Xtabay's World". It started out on blognow.com.au (a site that ceased to exist at some point during Xtabay's operation) and end up on blogger.com (There are still a few Dead Links to it over there in the SideBar on the right side of this page). It was ASTOUNDING!!!

Xtabay specialized in posting Vintage Exotica (which is the vast majority of Exotica that existed at the time), Lounge and Space Age Pop, but he would occasionally sneak in some Jazz, Rock, Punk or whatever else he felt appropriate.

He put together several Compilations of Single Songs as recorded in different styles, in different genres and/or by different artists over the years he was in operation.

The best of these, imho, was "Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village". He put together two collections of "The Exotica/Tiki National Anthem" (at a size which was common at the time, each able to be burned onto a Compact Disk).

This collection was posted at Xtabay's World in, I'm pretty sure, 2006. It contains 21 different recordings of "Quiet Village" including the original, by Les Baxter, and others by Martin Denny, Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin, Pete Rugolo, Don Tiare The Surfmen, and Others.


01. Quiet Village - Arthur Lyman
02. Quiet Village - The Clebanoff Strings
03. Quiet Village - Don Tiare & His Orchestra Exotique
04. Quiet Village - Eddie Baxter
05. Quiet Village - El Coco
06. Quiet Village - Frankie Carle
07. Quiet Village - Henry Mancini
08. Quiet Village - John Evans / Chaino & His African Drums
09. Quiet Village - Lalo Schifrin
10. Quiet Village (Duophonic [Artificial Stereo] Version) - Les Baxter
11. Quiet Village (Mono Version) - Les Baxter
12. Quiet Village Bossa Nova - Martin Denny
13. Quiet Village (Mono Version) - Martin Denny
14. Quiet Village (Moog Version) - Martin Denny
15. Quiet Village - Martin Denny
16. Quiet Village (Cha Cha Cha) - Pete Rugolo
17. Quiet Village - The Royal Tees
18. Quiet Village - The Surfmen
19. Quiet Village - Ted Auletta
20. Quiet Village - Tommy Garrett
21. Quiet Village -Webley Edwards
Please to Enjoy! More to Come!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Another Year… Another Crappy Christmas Compilation!

Hey, Y'all!!!

Hope you've had a great year and that everything is going beautifully. I've had a pretty good one myself and find that I'm still healthy, employed and very happily married, so I must be doing something right, eh?

Here's the 2017 Christmas Mix!

Sorry it's so late. I fussed and worried over it far too much and for far too long this year, but can say I'm pretty happy with what we've got here.

I can always try again next year!

Hope some of you find a few things to enjoy about it.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!

01. Carol of the Guitars - The Spongetones
02. Everyday Is Christmas - Swag
03. Winter Wonderland - Becky Barksdale
04. Run Rudolph, Run - Cheap Trick
05. Christmas for Everyone - Halford
06. Saint Nick's Last Kick - The Hasselhoff Experiment
07. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - The Butties
08. Santa's Moon Party - Crying Day Care Choir
09. An Awful Christmas and a Lousy New Year - Swamp Dogg
10. Nun Gimmel Heh Shin - The LeeVees
11. See You in December - The Minus 5
12. Rock 'n' Roll Christmas - The Connection
13. All I Want to Do Is Shag for Christmas - The BellRays
14. Holiday Heroes - Alan Merrill
15. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Eban Schletter
16. Do You Hear What I Hear? - The Anita Kerr Singers
17. Christmas Hell - Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire
18. Christmastime in Painsville - Deadbeat Poets
19. Takin' Care of Christmas - Randy Bachman
20. Papai Noël Voltou - Os Carburadores
21. Island of Misfit Toys / Little Drummer Boy - Neutrino
22. Mystic Snowman - Lez Zeppelin

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holy Cow!!! Christmas of 2016 Already!?!

Boy Howdy! I'm feeling older every day! There's a good reason for that, too.

The best thing about time flying, though (other than the fact that we're having so much fun) is that Christmas comes back around so quickly!

And so… The 2016 Christmas Mix is Upon Us.

Hope you dig it!

Don't care if you don't!

Merry Christmas!

01. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Tim Gill & The Tim Gill All Stars
02. Joyful Noise - The Empty Hearts
03. Come On People (Have a Merry Christmas) - The '60s Invasion
04. Swell Noël / Good King Wenceslas - Wonderlux
05. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Bill Murray & George Clooney
06. Jingle Bell - Ehsaas
07. ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! - The Killers w/ Wild Light & Mariachi El Bronx
08. Ka Po La'ela'e Ka Hikina Mai - Amy Hānaialiʻi
09. Carol of the Bells - The Melvins
10. We Three Kings - Kurt Elling
11. Jingle Bells - Samuele Pagliarani
12. A Very Brent Amaker Christmas - Brent Amaker & The Rodeo
13. Bethlehem Bound - The Grandsons
14. (I Wish You Could Be More Like) Santa Claus - The Waistcoats
15. Christmas All the Time - Green Pajamas
16. Santa's Drunk - Fathead
17. Punch Bowl Full of Joy - Sonny Columbus & His Del Fuegos
18. Crazy AceMas - Crazy Aces
19. Double-O Santa - Seks Bomba
20. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Penny & Sparrow
21. Richard Hung His Sock - Angry Snowmans

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wow! It's like Deja Vu All Over Again!

I posted this last year, but it expired so quickly on the Zippy one that I assumed no one cared at all. I was probably right.

Still… I thought I'd give it another shot.

Git it if you want it. Don't if you don't. It's a Free Country. It's a Free Download.

01. Christmas Is Coming  - Payola$
02. Blue Suede Santa - Hillbilly Casino
03. Mama's Twistin' with Santa - 45 RPM
04. Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer) - The Strange Echo
05. Deck the Halls - Little Jimmy Thomas
06. Yes, Virginia - Scott Miller
07. Honky Tonk Christmas - 5 Chinese Brothers
08. Pabst Blue Christmas - Mikey Chuck Rivers
09. Xmas in the Jailhouse - Ox
10. Waffle House Hanukkah - Dan Bern
11. Chanukah's Da Bomb - Chutzpah
12. Christmakwanzakah - Dan Band
13. Feliz Navidad - Little V Mills
14. Skank 'til Christmas - The Selecter
15. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - The Neon Ambience
16. Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming) - Over the Rhine
17. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Harry Bells
18. Christmas Tipsy - honeyhoney
19. All I Got for Christmas Was Drunk - Better Off Dead
20. Here Come the Christmas Zombies - Area 25
21. (You'll Never Be) Alone on Christmas Day - Mike Love
22. Santa Isn't Real - Bandrew
23. All I Got for Xmas Was a Bike - Quiet Marauder
24. Disco Christmas in Hamster Land - Parry Gripp
25. Secret Santa - The Barbary Coasters
26. Angels in the Snow - Mike Plume Band

Saturday, December 20, 2014

С Новым Годом (& С Рождеством Христовым, слишком)

And Here It Is!!!

The 2014 WTF Xmas Mix!

Dig It! Or Don't.

I think it's a bit toned down in comparison to prior posts. I also think it holds up well, however, with repeated listenings.

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

    1. Gloria - AR Music
    2. What Child Is This? - Sleepy Sun
    3. Francincense - The Prog World Orchestra
    4. The Little Drummer Boy - Brave Combo
    5. Angels We Have Heard on High - Bad Religion
    6. Winter Wonderland - Abney Park
    7. Bleak Mid-Winter - Erasure
    8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Kate Rusby
    9. Just Me and These Ponies (For Christmas This Year) - Corb Lund
    10. Everything Is Cool - John Prine
    11. Do You Hear What I Hear? - William Beckett
    12. Christmas Must Be Tonight - Hall & Oates
    13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - The Wave Benders
    14. Linus and Lucy - The Brantley Family Band
    15. Flat Screens - Danielle Ate the Sandwich
    16. Santa Stole My Girlfriend - The Maine
    17. Because It’s Christmastime - Parry Gripp
    18. Peanut Brittle Brigade March - USAF Airmen of Note
    19. Merry Christmas - The Automatics
    20. Santa Claws Is Coming 2 Town - Bandrew
    21. Reggie the Christmas Hamster - Parry Gripp
    22. Wandele in de snie - Beppie Kraft
    23. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - The Kickin’ Kazoos
    24. 赤鼻のトナカイ - Yuki Uchida

A Hurried, but Happy Holiday Post

I'm sorry to say that I don't have a lot of time to spend on this. 'Tis the Holiday Season and, as such, my life is rather frenzied lately.

Right now, our local PBS Station is playing a Lawrence Welk Christmas Special (which I'm allowing myself to miss parts of in order to post this) and I've a Christmas Party to attend later this evening, along with another tomorrow.

Didn't want to put this off any longer, though.

This is another of the records that I grew up with. It's really incredibly groovy and I hope it warms a few hearts out there.

1. Pat-a-Pam
2. Silver Bells
3. It's Christmas Again
4. White Christmas
5. Twelve Days of Christmas
6. Do You Hear What I Hear?
7. Sleigh Ride
8. Christmas Child
9. Masters in This Hall
10. Carol of the Star
11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
12. March of the Angels

More detailed info on this record can be found on Discogs: Here

A couple of quick notes: I believe that I misspelled the name of Track 1 as "Pat-a-Pan", as opposed to the correct "Pat-a-Pam", in the process of ripping this album. Also, I've noticed that there is a skip in one of the tracks.

I'll correct these errors, replace the linked file, and post links to the repaired tracks later.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Happy Holidays!!! Stick This in Your Ear!!!

Keep pokin' it in there until it hurts. It probably won't take too long.

You're probably safe through the first half of this post. The first half consists of album entitled "A Christmas Festival" by The Philadelphia Orchestra, Conducted by Eugene Ormandy, along with the Temple University Concert Choir and the St. Francis de Sales Boychoir.

This is a Really Great Christmas Album!

Monophonic recording from 1964 -

  1. O Tannenbaum
  2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  3. Little Drummer Boy
  4. I Wonder as I Wander
  5. For Unto Us a Child Is Born
  6. Here We Go A-Caroling
  7. Good King Wenceslas
  8. Away in a Manger
  9. Jingle Bells
  10. We Three Kings of Orient Are
  11. Hallelujah Chorus
  12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The second half is much less interesting. It's called "Christmas at Ye Olde Fireplace with Charlie Spivak".

Charlie Spivak, a trumpeter and bandleader best known for his big band in the 1940s, sounds like he's barely awake throughout the entire recording.

Ye Olde Fireplace was a Steakhouse in Greenville, SC in the 60s and 70s. Spivak was the resident band leader for much of that time.

  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  2.  The Christmas Song
  3. Silver Bells
  4. I'll Be Home for Christmas
  5. Greensleeves
  6. Silent Night
  7. Home for the Holidays
  8. Medley: Santa Claus is Coming to Town /
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer / Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. Blue Christmas
  11. White Christmas
  12. Adeste Fideles
  13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Hope this helps you get your Holiday Season off to a good start!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The 2013 Christmas Mix

Oh My God!!! He's Gone and Done It Again!!!

    1. Colder with Snow - Radio Spot
    2. Why Don't We Jingle in the Road? - The Kendal Mintcake
    3. I Want a Monkey for Christmas - The Barbary Coasters
    4. Get Your X-mas On! - Higgins
    5. Funky Christmas - Otis Zee & The Sambuka Band
    6. Ice Ice Snow - Cheekyboy (Vanilla Ice vs Martina McBride)
    7. Christmas Time - Far Too Jones
    8. O Come, All Ye Faithful - Jeffrey Foskett
    9. We Three Kings - We Shot the Moon
    10. Do You Hear What I Hear? - Steve Stevens
    11. Rock This Christmas Down - Lita Ford & Cherie Currie
    12. Snowball - Jimmy Fallon
    13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Jingle Punx
    14. Mrs. Claus' Kimono - Drive-By Truckers
    15. Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass - Chevy Chase
    16. Christmas All Summer Long - Deer Tick
    17. Snow Day - Bleu
    18. When the Elf Comes to Town - The Roundheads
    19. I Believe In the Virgin Megastore - Cassetteboy
    20. Christmas Time Is Here - Starflyer 59
    21. Christmas Waltz [Awayteam Remix] - Nancy Wilson
    22. Fruitcake - The Superions
    23. Facebook Friend for Christmas - Randy Franklin
    24. Give Me a Second Chance for Christmas - Mike Viola & Candy Butchers
    25. Christmas Time Is Here Again! - Helix
    26. Holidaze (S'Cuze Me, I've Got Gifts to Buy) - Bob Rivers
    27. Let's Hear It for the Fat Man - Quicksilver
    28. Richard Cheese's Birthday Song for Jesus - Richard Cheese
    29. Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass - The Arrogant Worms
    30. Santa Claus, the Original Hippie - Homer & Jethro

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not much of nuthin'

Okay! It's gettin' close to The Actual Day, but we still have time. Right?

So I picked this one out of Traitor Vic's Pile.That's all I'm sayin'.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Finally... Just Plain Christmas!!! Not Extra-Crispy.

Not My Rip!

I've promised, several times I think, that if I ever found this record I'd post it. Well… Guess What!?!

I found this out on Usenet. I don't even remember which Newsgroup it was posted in. It's a very decent rip and I was happy to add it to my Christmas Collection.

 Have an Original Recipe Christmas! 
Allow me to apologize for not being any more active on the blog for the last couple of years. I assume that most of you are aware that there was a Great Upheaval a while back in which many of the blogs that posted Out-of-Print materials, including a good number which were operated by people who I consider friends, were taken down or destroyed by various means.

I've got to admit that watching my friends' hard work being destroyed was disturbing. Several posts here at The Tuna Melt were also targeted. After going to the trouble of ripping an album to Mp3, cleaning the pops and scratches, organizing the files and tagging them correctly, compressing them into a single archive file, uploading that file to a file sharing site, and composing a blog post in which to share it with the world, to have that work struck down comes as a real slap in the face.

Very much of the joy of operating The Tuna Melt, and of sharing my interests with the world, has been compromised.

Most of the links in the posts on this blog are dead by now and I'm not certain that I want to spend the time and effort to bring them back to life. The suggestion has been made that it might be best if no mention of an Artist or Album Title be made in a post (in order to avoid being identified by automated "Search Bots", so I'm not going to mention this album in this post, or post it's tracklist. These precautions may be over the top, but I think most of you will be able to figure out what the album is and what's on it from looking at the picture, eh?

The Tuna Melt has survived other situations like this one in the past. If I can find a way to begin to enjoy doing it again I may be back someday.

To any of you who have enjoyed anything that you've found here in the past I offer my thanks for helping me to spread a little joy.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra: A Christmas Cocktail

Voldar is BACK!!!

'Bout Damn Time, Too! I know, I know… Christmas is almost here and we're gettin' off to a late start.

The fact of the matter is that the current economic misfortunes effecting much of the planet Earth have begun to take their toll on Mars as well. As our few-in-number and highly secretive Earth-Based Trading Partners have experienced financial downturns, we've suffered right along with you. As a result, my schedule has become rather erratic to the point at which it is difficult to plan ahead and/or work around.

Now that I'm here, though, I'll try to spruce up the season with a few choice holiday offerings from Traitor Vic's expansive collection.

Speaking of whom, Vic apparently took my late arrival as a sign that I had decided not to show up this year and, so, was caught completely off guard by my appearance. I've taken it easy on him this year and locked him into the shed in the back yard instead of the closet that I usually put him in. He should be relatively comfortable there for the time being. I'll allow him to come out on Christmas Eve, of course, so that he can run to the store to get me some refreshments to enjoy as we await a visit from Santa Claus
. In the meantime… I plan to share some of the selections he has that are on Compact Disc, as opposed to the time consuming Vinyl Rips that he limits his own offerings to.

You are welcome to enjoy this holiday collection, from 1996, by Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra. Jaymz is a musician, writer and radio personality from Canada
. Along with The Royal Jelly Orchestra, and another combo called The Deep Lounge Coalition, he has released several collections of modern day pop tunes performed in an Easy Jazz, Lounge Style. He's also recognized as a bit of a Cocktail/Lounge Authority, having written "Cocktail Parties for Dummies" in 1997.

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  3. It's Christmas Time (Oh Yeah)
  4. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
  5. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  6. White Christmas
  7. Winter Wonderland
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. Christmas Cocktail
  10. Sleigh Ride
  11. Space Age Santa
  12. Carol of the Bells
  13. The Little Drummer Boy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Rite of Exorcism

I've thought about posting this record at Halloween several times over the last few years, but my good sense has always won out and kept me from doing so.

It's not like it's HORRIBLE or anything. Okay. Maybe it is. But it has a Really Great Cover and at least one pretty cool song on it.

Other than that, it is a mostly "spoken word" or "audio drama" presentation that purports to be a "Simply and Faithfully Presented" reenactment of what might have gone on during the act of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person at some unspecified point in the past (as the current Rite, updated most recently in 1999 I believe, calls for the presence of two priests).

This record lists no Artist or Group as being responsible for it's creation. I decided to ascribe it to Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D. because:
A - It is he who came up with the original concept and who followed up by doing the Theological and Liturgical Research that it required and…
B - He also recorded at least one other record, 1969's "Prayers for a Noonday Church" (which can be found over at Dr. Schluss' Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities).

It's not horribly scary (although it does contain some pretty weird squeals and shrieks), but it is an interesting artifact.

This record has also been shared at least one other time (in two parts, as individual files for Side A and Side B) at WFMU's Beware of the Blog, where you can read a rather lengthy discussion of it's qualities (and/or lack thereof) if you'd like.

It is presented here in all six (6) individual tracks at 320kbps.

  1. Day of Wrath
  2. THE STORY (Part I)
  3. The Lord's Prayer
  4. THE STORY (Part I)
  5. THE STORY (Part II)
  6. Ron Aimee Fugue

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Billy Boyd: Twangy Guitars

There's no such person as Billy Boyd. Okay. There is, of course. But the guy that played a Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings movies didn't record this record in 1960.

This Billy Boyd was actually Jerry Cole.

Cole played with The Champs. He also worked with just about every important musician in America between 1959 and 1991. Find his story (along with a list of albums he released under different names) here: Jerry Cole @ The Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Billy Boyd: Twangy Guitars
  1. Shuffle Boogie
  2. Night Rock
  3. When the Lights are Low
  4. Jivin' at The Savoy
  5. Stompin' at the Crossroads
  6. Diggin' the Blues
  7. Mambo Boogie
  8. South Hampton
  9. Bolero Boogie
  10. Duck Walk
  11. Oop Shank
  12. Drifting