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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Özel Türkbas: How to Make Your Husband a Sultan

Shake It, Baby! Shake It!

Özel Türkbas was a huge talent and a huge star! After starting out as a child star (at the age of seven), in her native Turkey, she went on to play starring roles in fourteen Turkish movies. She was brought to the US by Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, in 1959, in order to appear in the role of La Oriental in his production of Opera Thais.

This is the first of five Belly Dance records she released. She also wrote and published two Belly Dancing books and a Turkish Cookbook.

As Belly Dancing became a huge fad in the United States through the 60s and 70s,
Özel was extremely influential in it's promotion. As a Turk, she wore the traditional Turkish Belly Dancer costume (generally regarded to be considerably "sexier" than some other outfits, but probably the best known type in the rest of the world), but she was always careful to emphasize the beauty and discipline of the dance as opposed to it's more sensual aspects.

Well… Except for the title of this record, I suppose.

Özel Türkbas: How to Make Your Husband a Sultan
  1. Özel's Dance Music
  2. Hoplada
  3. Tín Tín
  4. Tokat
  5. Kandirali Çíftetellí
  6. Taksímler
  7. Anadolu
  8. Fasulya
Note: Each of Özel's albums included at least one selection that was nearly the length of an entire side. If you are going to use this record as a Belly Dancing beginner, let me advise that you might want to skip to the second track as the first is about 14 minutes long and may result in Gut Bustage.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lenny Dee: Most Requested!

Most Dee-manded!

Of all the Pop Organists of the Easy Listening / Space Age Pop era, Lenny Dee is my favorite. While others played with much technical savvy and brilliant arrangements, Lenny performed with a flair, rhythm and humor all his own.

This is a great record. It includes two pieces by Henry Mancini (always a plus!) and handful of others that I absolutely love. All are played with the patented "Lenny Dee Bounce" and plenty of Pizazz!

Lenny Dee: Most Requested!
  1. Hello, Dolly!
  2. Canadian Sunset
  3. The Girl from Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema)
  4. Baby Elephant Walk
  5. Bluesette
  6. Moonlight Cocktail
  7. Java
  8. Summertime in Venice
  9. Cafe Oriental
  10. On Green Dolphin Street
  11. The Pink Panther
  12. Honky Tonk Train Blues