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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Divine Horsemen: Handful of Sand & Snake Handler

Rock & Roll: American Style

As Rock & Roll is a completely American invention, I thought it appropriate to post some Rock & Roll music as part of my July 4th celebration. Divine Horsemen were the brainchild of Chris D(esjardins), who had previously masterminded The Flesh Eaters. Whereas The Flesh Eaters were, as I suppose the name implies, a magnificent Punk Rock outfit, Divine Horsemen took a Punk Attitude and conveyed it through straight-ahead, Hard Rock rhythms and tunes. It was a powerful combination.

These were the bands final releases. Both are from 1987 on SST Records. "Handful of Sand" is a 6-song EP.

Divine Horsemen: Handful of Sand
  1. Handful of Sand
  2. Curse of the Crying Woman
  3. Tenderest Kiss
  4. Frankie Silver
  5. Past All Dishonor
  6. Sanctuary

"Snake Handler" is a full length LP.

Divine Horsemen: Snake Handler
  1. Snake Handler
  2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  3. Stone By Stone (Fire Is My Home)
  4. Curse of the Crying Woman
  5. Someone Like You
  6. Fire Kiss
  7. What Is Red
  8. Blind Leading the Blind
  9. That's No Way to Live