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Friday, November 30, 2012

Finally... Just Plain Christmas!!! Not Extra-Crispy.

Not My Rip!

I've promised, several times I think, that if I ever found this record I'd post it. Well… Guess What!?!

I found this out on Usenet. I don't even remember which Newsgroup it was posted in. It's a very decent rip and I was happy to add it to my Christmas Collection.

 Have an Original Recipe Christmas! 
Allow me to apologize for not being any more active on the blog for the last couple of years. I assume that most of you are aware that there was a Great Upheaval a while back in which many of the blogs that posted Out-of-Print materials, including a good number which were operated by people who I consider friends, were taken down or destroyed by various means.

I've got to admit that watching my friends' hard work being destroyed was disturbing. Several posts here at The Tuna Melt were also targeted. After going to the trouble of ripping an album to Mp3, cleaning the pops and scratches, organizing the files and tagging them correctly, compressing them into a single archive file, uploading that file to a file sharing site, and composing a blog post in which to share it with the world, to have that work struck down comes as a real slap in the face.

Very much of the joy of operating The Tuna Melt, and of sharing my interests with the world, has been compromised.

Most of the links in the posts on this blog are dead by now and I'm not certain that I want to spend the time and effort to bring them back to life. The suggestion has been made that it might be best if no mention of an Artist or Album Title be made in a post (in order to avoid being identified by automated "Search Bots", so I'm not going to mention this album in this post, or post it's tracklist. These precautions may be over the top, but I think most of you will be able to figure out what the album is and what's on it from looking at the picture, eh?

The Tuna Melt has survived other situations like this one in the past. If I can find a way to begin to enjoy doing it again I may be back someday.

To any of you who have enjoyed anything that you've found here in the past I offer my thanks for helping me to spread a little joy.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!