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Friday, November 30, 2012

Finally... Just Plain Christmas!!! Not Extra-Crispy.

Not My Rip!

I've promised, several times I think, that if I ever found this record I'd post it. Well… Guess What!?!

I found this out on Usenet. I don't even remember which Newsgroup it was posted in. It's a very decent rip and I was happy to add it to my Christmas Collection.

 Have an Original Recipe Christmas! 
Allow me to apologize for not being any more active on the blog for the last couple of years. I assume that most of you are aware that there was a Great Upheaval a while back in which many of the blogs that posted Out-of-Print materials, including a good number which were operated by people who I consider friends, were taken down or destroyed by various means.

I've got to admit that watching my friends' hard work being destroyed was disturbing. Several posts here at The Tuna Melt were also targeted. After going to the trouble of ripping an album to Mp3, cleaning the pops and scratches, organizing the files and tagging them correctly, compressing them into a single archive file, uploading that file to a file sharing site, and composing a blog post in which to share it with the world, to have that work struck down comes as a real slap in the face.

Very much of the joy of operating The Tuna Melt, and of sharing my interests with the world, has been compromised.

Most of the links in the posts on this blog are dead by now and I'm not certain that I want to spend the time and effort to bring them back to life. The suggestion has been made that it might be best if no mention of an Artist or Album Title be made in a post (in order to avoid being identified by automated "Search Bots", so I'm not going to mention this album in this post, or post it's tracklist. These precautions may be over the top, but I think most of you will be able to figure out what the album is and what's on it from looking at the picture, eh?

The Tuna Melt has survived other situations like this one in the past. If I can find a way to begin to enjoy doing it again I may be back someday.

To any of you who have enjoyed anything that you've found here in the past I offer my thanks for helping me to spread a little joy.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!


DonHo57 said...

Man, MediarFire wastes no time these days. Hopefully you can reup somewhere else, Traitor Vic. Glad to see you back around!

eddynat said...

Mediafire = Permission denied ! Cannot download :=)

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks for the Update, Guys!

Wow! Such quick response restores my faith in the Blogosphere!

I just checked the Mediafire file (at 10:00pm, Eastern Standard Time, Dec. 1, 2012) and found it to be functional. I've no explanation as to why it was not working earlier. I've always felt good about Mediafire and, though they do knock Copyrighted Materials down with greater frequency these days, have found them to be one of the more dependable of the File Sharing sites. The "Permissions Denied" thing makes me wonder, too. That's different from "File Blocked for Violation" and makes me wonder if, perhaps, they were checking it out or something.

All the same, I have uploaded the file to a second File Sharing Site, Speedy Share, that I've only seen around very recently but which seems to be a choice made by many of the bloggers for whom I have much respect.

Thanks again, fellas!

DonHo57 said...

I wonder if they are blocking access to anyone besides the account holder? I see other blogs where MF files are available right now for days...don't know why they would ding yours when you have just returned after a respite. Go figure. You were always one of my regular daily/weekly stops on the blog road, so I really am happy that you are still around. Cheers!!!

DonHo57 said...

The other odd bit...I just tried and succeeded in downloading the two older files after this one, and they are available and working.

sakilov said...

First, thank you! Also, some blogs now work through invitation, and further provide a password to type to allow the download. Perhaps it is the way to go for now? Hope to see you around often!

Rick said...

Welcome back and Merry Christmas!!

I too tried the Original Recipe and found that they only had Extra Crispy available. Speedy site seemed to work OK after setting it up.

Thanks for the great post.

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks for the comments and ideas. I've always found Passwords to be an awful lot of trouble and to limit a blogs audience to an invited list takes a lot of the fun out of being here to begin with.

I've removed the original (dead) post, so we'll just have to see how long this one stays up.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in effect. Fine timing~ I just found you last week, and I can't say how much awesomeness has ensued in my life from yer goodies.

Mahalo, fine sir!

conrissio said...

Use http://www.ulozto.cz/ File Sharing They Never Delete & You Can Upload Up To 2Gig For Free :)

KL from NYC said...

The link doesn't appear to be valid anymore.
I should have gotten here sooner.
Thanks anyway.

KL from NYC said...

Thanks for the re-up ... and with plenty of time 'til the holidays.

darkamor said...

If EVERYONE is cool with Torrent downloading, I will post all 3 KFC Xmas Albums (I won't do any of download websites, its too much of a pain in the ass to deal with) and provide links

KL from NYC said...

Count me out. I gave up trying Torrents the holiday season that ErnieNotBert switched over. Then, I found out that the Feds actively monitor torrents because they're planning a hit that will be much worse than in the MegaUpload days (this time they plan to target uploaders and downoaders).
So, no torrents for me.
Zippy has been fine.

Traitor Vic said...

Hey Darkamor!

Sorry I missed your comment when originally posted. To say that I get a bit busy this time of year would be a tremendous understatement!

Please feel free to post the torrent if you'd like and it's not too much trouble! And, of course, if you feel confident and safe doing so.

I'm kinda like KL. Something tells me that the Torrent world is probably up for an attack, but I've no solid evidence to back that up.

Funny, ain't it? We grew up being told that we were in the Freest (Yep! That's how it's spelled!) Nation on Earth, but when it comes down to it, we're more personally constrained than the entire EU, much of the African Continent and a pretty significant chunk of Asia.

Granted, it may be easier to start a business in the US, but then you have to deal with OSHA, the EPA and, more often these days, the Justice Department.

Geez! Merry Christmas, Everybody!