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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Magma: Attahk

I Don't Understand a Word!

I guess you can tell from what I post here that I've never really been very interested in Progressive Rock. I've got nothing against it, it's just never been something that really commanded my attention. As in every case, though, there are a few exceptions. I like some stuff by Hawkwind quite a bit, for instance. And I LOVE this record.

Magma was the creation of Christian Vander. The son of a jazz pianist, he met such jazz notables as Elvin Jones and Chet Baker at an early age and initially set out on a career as a jazz drummer. In 1969, however, he had a vision of the Earth of the Future beset by a spiritual and ecological catastrophe. So disturbed was he by this concept that he switched to Progressive Jazz Fusion and founded Magma with plans to record ten albums relating his vision to the masses.

The story concerns our planet becoming completely uninhabitable, at which point survivors set out to colonize a planet called Kobaia. The problem here is that Kobaia is already inhabited by The Kobaians. Alas, as we are known to have done in the past, the humans simply move right on in. That's when the fun starts.

Sounds like a great story, doesn't it? Well wait until you hear it being told! It's told, in fact, in Kobaian. Vander composed the language and members of the band had to learn it and perform songs using it. There's not a word of English, French, German, Spanish, etc... Not one Human word in any of it. Not only that, but Kobaians tend to talk as if they've been eating a great deal of greasy food and drinking a lot of carbonated beverages (meaning they tend to burp and belch as they're speaking). Oh... And they Shriek a good bit, too. And Grunt. And sometimes they sound as if they're playing kazoos but they're not.

The music here is really quite wonderful, a Progressive, Jazzy kind of Rock Pop (this is probably the most accessible of Magma's albums) but the vocals are just plain weird. Interestingly enough, though, a few of the songs are so catchy that you may find yourself attempting to sing along.

If so, you can find a Kobaian dictionary here: http://myfile.hanafos.com/~jangminsu/magma/MAGMA-KOBAIAN-dictionary.html.

  1. The Last Seven Minutes (1970-71, phase I)
  2. Spiritual (Negro song)
  3. Rindق (Eastern Song)
  4. Liriïk Necronomicus Kanht (in which our heroes OURGON & ĞORĞO meet)
  5. Maahnt (The wizard's fight versus the devil)
  6. Dondaï (to an eternal love)
  7. Nono (1978, phase II)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nicks and Buckingham: Buckingham Nicks

Aaaackkk! Naked Peoples!

Don't worry. You haven't stumbled upon another Porn Site. It's just a record jacket featuring a couple of Long Haired Musicians Au Naturale.

This record was released in 1973 and was a huge commercial disappointment for Polydor Records (who released it again, with much the same result, in 1976 after Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had joined Fleetwood Mac). All the same, it commanded a rabid cult following in the late 70s and through the 80s and I can't figure out why it's never seen wide release on CD.

  1. Crying in the Night
  2. Stephanie
  3. Without a Leg to Stand On
  4. Crystal
  5. Long Distance Winner
  6. Don't Let Me Down Again
  7. Django
  8. Races are Run
  9. Lola (My Love)
  10. Frozen Love

Friday, January 18, 2008

Various Artists: Easy Listening Beatles

The Tuna Melt presents HELP!

You know how it is… Like, because they're, like, the Greatest Musical Combo Ever in the History of Music, like, FOREVER, people like to try to listen to The Beatles. But sometimes, apparently, that can be a very difficult endeavor. Thank God for This Record!

This record, "Easy Listening Beatles (For People Who Hate Rock and Roll)", is filled with Beatles tunes as rendered by Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, Andre Kostelanetz, Johnny Mathis, Peter Nero and others. If you like The Beatles AND Easy Listening You'll Like It. If you Love Easy Listening but Hate The Beatles… You'll Love It!

  1. Hey Jude - Ray Conniff
  2. Fool on the Hill - Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus
  3. Yesterday - Ray Conniff
  4. Eleanor Rigby - Johnny Mathis
  5. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - Percy Faith & His Orchestra
  6. My Sweet Lord - Johnny Mathis
  7. Something - Peter Nero
  8. The Long and Winding Road - Andre Kostelanetz
  9. Michelle - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
  10. Variations on the Theme "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" - Peter Nero
  11. Let it Be - Jerry Vale

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Lucy Show: Mania

Lucy! I'm Home!

I don't know much about this band. Despite the information available on the Net (primarily at http://www.thelucyshow.net/) I find it hard to really know a lot about a band without having heard much out of them. That being said… I would LOVE to know more about this band.

I do know the band was formed in South London in 1982 by two ex-pat Canadians,
Mark Bandola and Rob Vandeven, and that they remained together until 1989.

This record was released in 1986 and is simply amazing! It's Pop, but it has a Punk Informed edge and just enough of a Guitar Band quality to keep it squarely in the Pop-Rock category. This is the beginning of the Alternative scene that swept through in the 90s. In this record I hear R.E.M., The Psychedelic Furs, Rain Parade, David Bowie, several other bands who's names I can't recall at the moment, and (at some level) The Hoodoo Gurus? Maybe?

Anyway… It's a great record. Enjoy!

  1. Land and the Life
  2. View from the Outside
  3. Sojourn's End
  4. Sad September
  5. A Million Things
  6. Sun and Moon
  7. Shame
  8. Melody
  9. Part of Me Now
  10. New Message

Sunday, January 13, 2008

James White and The Blacks: Off White

Do Not Wave at the Tuna Melt!

No Waving Allowed, Dammit!

This is a record from the No Wave Scene, centered in New York City, of the late 70s and early 80s.

Jazz? Nope.

Pop? Hmmmmmm... Nope.

Funk? Well... FUNKY? Yes. FUNK? No.

Different and/or Unusual? Original? Weird? Spectacular? Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

  1. Contort Yourself
  2. Stained Sheets
  3. (Tropical) Heat Wave
  4. Almost Black Pt. 1
  5. White Savages
  6. Off Black
  7. Almost Black Pt. 2
  8. White Devil
  9. Bleached Black

Friday, January 11, 2008

Carmen Cavallaro: Cocktail Time / 101 Strings: Fire and Romance of South America

Let's Take a Break with Some Stuff that is Easy to Listen To

Ah, yeah! Gonna kick back and relax a bit after that last couple of wild ones. And when I relax, I like to do it in a soft leather chair, with a cool drink and an album of music that's easy to listen to.

Sorta like this one. Carmen Cavallaro was known as "The Poet of the Piano" and followed closely in the footsteps of Eddie Duchin to release albums of flashy, zingy piano stylings of both popular music and "classical pop". As a matter of fact, it's actually Carmen playing the piano for Tyrone Power in "The Eddie Duchin Story" (probably playing better than Duchin himself could have).

Carmen also released another Cocktail album, entitled "Cocktails with Cavallaro". I don't have it, though. I have this one.

Carmen Cavallaro: Cocktail Time
  1. The Second Time Around
  2. This Could Be the Start of Something
  3. If Ever I Would Leave You
  4. Mine
  5. The Happiest Girl in the World
  6. Love Is Here to Stay
  7. When I Fall in Love
  8. Never on Sunday
  9. Love Letters
  10. Make Someone Happy
  11. My Sentimental Heart
"But," you might say, "Traitor Vic, what do you listen to if you're in a "South of the Border" kind of mood?", to which I might respond by asking "Do you mean a Little Bit South of the Border? Or WAY South of the Border?", assuming that you don't mean the infamous South Carolina Tourist Trap.

Were you to come back with "WAY South of the Border!" I would have to say that I'd like to sink back with a well made Caipirinha while listening to the soothing sounds of 101 Strings playing "Fire and Romance of South America" played.

Don't believe me? Grab yourself a bottle of Cachaca and a few limes and give this a spin.

  1. Brazil
  2. La Cumparsita
  3. Ay Ay Ay
  4. Desafinado
  5. Inca Theme
  6. Tico Tico
  7. El Choclo
  8. Encanto del Caribe
  9. Carnival do Rio
  10. Adios Muchachos

Sunday, January 06, 2008

86: Minutes in a Day

An 86 is not ALWAYS a bad thing…

I mean, sure… to be 86'd from a business establishment usually means you've done something to piss someone off.

The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster took place in 1986, as did the bombing of a West Berlin discotheque that was eventually attributed to the government of Libya.

But a lot of great stuff is associated with the number 86! Like the Texas Instruments TI-86 Graphing Calculator… The Memtest86 Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool… and the Boeing AGM-86 Air Launched Cruise Missile! Yessiree, Boy Howdy!

And here's another one. The band named 86 were quite popular in Atlanta back in the late 80s and were frequently chosen to open shows at some of the larger performance spaces in town. I saw them open for both The Ramones and The Cramps on different occasions and they were always mesmerizing. Their Throbbing, Swirling brand of Psychedelia is something I've not ever heard anyone else come close to. It was, and remains, a completely original style. Enjoy!

  1. Minutes in a Day
  2. Gems
  3. Floating
  4. Waiting
  5. Smile
  6. Just One

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dino Lee: King of White Trash

Everybody Get Some TUNA MELT!

Dino Lee, King of White Trash, was a Genuwine Tejas Phenom back in the mid-80s. And he was a Weirdo, too. But what a Great Weirdo He Was!

Sporting necklaces bearing Bleached Cow Bones, Baby-Doll Heads, Ancient Coinage and Animal Claws, he Scooted and Skated across whatever stage he was on at any given moment SCREAMIN' the Praises of Gettin' Ya Some and of, well, Gettin' Ya Some More!

It's Groovy! It Rocks! And it's Downright Dancifyin'!

  1. Beer Party
  2. Everybody Get Some
  3. Rosa Maria
  4. Testing for Love
  5. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  6. White Man in a Black World
  7. Good Year for the Roses
  8. Stud Pony