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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Piiraa É: Autrefois

There's a lot more that I don't know about this than there is that I do.

It comes from French Polynesia and, so, all of the information provided on it's packaging is done so in a mish-mash of different languages that I don't understand.
Even the name of the group is spelled in two different ways on the cover.

Once the music starts, though, I understand all that I need to.

The warmth of the sun… The coolness of the Sea Breeze… The gentle rhythm of the waves lapping at the shore… The tinkle of ice as it swirls in the exotic concoction that I hold in my hand… It all takes me to long ago and far away Tahiti.

  1. Aue Te Mauiui
  2. Pae Minuti
  3. Fautaua
  4. Tapau Féi
  5. Maraamu
  6. Te Ua´a Rii Pitate
  7. Po Iti Ava´e
  8. Enere
  9. Faariri
  10. Piiraa É
  11. Hoi Hoi Rii Mai Na Ra