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Friday, February 02, 2024

Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 6: The Temporarily Last, and Yet Not Least, of a Coninuing Series of Exotic Excitementations

And so… We suddenly come to the end of the list of what I, so far, have been able to gather in addition to the original collections by Xtabay.

It is, in no way, the end of what I've collected so far. I'm doing my best, however, to divide the volumes in this compilation series into sets that will fit onto a CD. That way, you can listen to them, one at a time, in your automobile without having to mess with any of that New-Fangled USB Thumb-Drive crap, or a Satellite Radio Station, or anything owned by Alphabet, or Meta, or any other of the corporations who wish only to replace their Human Customers with Artificially Intelligent Idiot Boxes who, when responding to Price Hikes, simply Print More Money!!!

It's true. I am attempting to SAVE THE WORLD FROM ITSELF!!!

Like that's gonna happen, right?

I'll add the next collection as soon as I'm able to fill it in.

Chicks and Dudes, Boys and Girls, Guys and Dames, Here It Is…
The Exotic Sounds of Quiet Village, Vol. 6!!!

01. Quiet Village - Robert Walter
 02. Quiet Village - The Quiet Villagers
03. Quiet Village - Martini Kings
04. Quiet Village - Friendly Science Orchestra
05. Quiet Village - hackedepicciotto
06. Quiet Village - The Ukeladies
07. Quiet Village - Brett Barnes
08. Quiet Village (DubVersion) - Water Melon Group
09. My Quiet Village - Perizomata
10. Quiet Village - Bo Axelzon & His Exotic Orchestra
11. Martin Denny's Quiet Village - NickToda
12. Quiet Village - Capitão Fausto & Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras
13. Quiet Village ALL STAR JAM! -
The Thurston Howlies w/ SHAG, Sven Kirsten & Matteo "Hukilau" Brown
14. Unquiet Village - Nukegara w/ Michio "Shambi" Ishida & The World Records All Stars
15. Warm Ups — Quiet Village - Bonnie Prudden
16. Watersongh - Virk Astroblab
There is, at some point, More to Come!
Please enjoy what we've got so far!

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