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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sammy Laului Orchestra: Hawaiian Wedding Song

Like a Budget Hawaiian Vacation

As we complete our tour around the mighty Pacific Ocean, we approach the shore of Waikiki only to discover a record on Diplomat Records! Diplomat, one of several labels of Synthetic Plastics (of Newark, NJ), was the Budget Record Label to End All Budget Record Labels. My record doesn't even list an artist name on the sleeve or the label. Luckily, the record was released with several different variations on the sleeve over the years and some of them identified the music as being performed by the Sammy Laului Orchestra: a group with such a wide range of different sounds that it's almost difficult to believe the entire record is by the same combo.

It's a nice record, though, and should help you to relax at the end of a long, hard day. If you find yourself thinking that the song "Island's Goodbye" sounds an awful lot like "Now Is the Hour", you're correct. You are also correct if you find yourself thinking that much of this album sounds remarkably (EXACTLY!) like the album "Hawaiian Enchantment", by Luke Leilani, on Spin-O-Rama Records or, perhaps "Hawaiian Enchantment", by The Hawaiian Islanders, on Wyncote.

  1. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  2. Dreams of Hawaii
  3. Waikiki Moods
  4. White Sands
  5. Girl of the Island
  6. Hawaiian Skies
  7. Island's Goodbye
  8. Chanting Waves
  9. Isle of Dreams
  10. Hula Moola


Anonymous said...

hi there, sorry to leave a comment here, under an album this doesn't pertain to, but i couldn't think of another way to try and contact you. it seems long ago you posted the cassette "twisted and bent" by BBBB. is there any way you could reupload that? i've wanted to hear it (in its entireity) forever, and haven't had any luck. please let me know, i'll check back here often. and, again, sorry for the bother.

Traitor Vic said...

Heck Yeah!

Everybody needs a bit of Bad Boy Butch in their lives! I've posted "Twisted and Bent" for a limited engagement.

Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

wow, thank you thank you thank you. i've been scouring the interwebs to hear "twisted and bent" for a while now. so glad you were willing & able to repost. if a CD or LP (or, heck, a new cassette) version of it becomes available, i'll be more than happy to purchase it.

thanks again. (i'm posting this underneath my original request, and under the album post--don't want my gratitude going unnoticed!).

take it easy.

ronald33 said...

Can anybody rip the LP "The Magic
Sounds of Frank Sorrell"?

This was a steel-guitar album on Coral in the late Sixties. I saw it
accidentally on another site.I've
never even HEARD of it before!

It was never re-issued on CD,but collectors are selling the vinyl.
For outrageous prices,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

We picked up this album at a Salvation Army Family Store for $1. The male vocalist on the 1st cut (Hawaiian Wedding Song) sounds like a young Andy Williams. Do we remember him doing this on his show, or what?

The rest of the album sounds suspiciously like stuff from Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys. The only cuts that sound "Hawaiian" are the last 2 cuts, Isle of Drema & Hula Moola. It's a fun album though!

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