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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Anita Kerr Quartette: For You, For Me, For Evermore

You Need Another Anita Kerr Record

Even if you, like myself, have reached the point at which you must back-up and remove files from your hard drive in order to load even one more song into your music player, this one is an absolute necessity.

"For You, For Me, Forevermore" (released in 1959 or 1960) shows the beginnings of the "Countrypolitan" Nashville Sound that helped Country Music cross over into the American cultural mainstream in the 60s. You may recognize, in some of the arrangements, a style of harmony that would later be utilized extensively as The Anita Kerr Quartette (as well as the 8-voice Anita Kerr Singers) provided background vocals to many of Country & Western's biggest stars. This is definitely not at Country Music album, however, and is filled with beautiful arrangements of classic love songs.

My only complaint is that, despite the number of times throughout the album the promise is made that they're going to stay with me Forever and Ever 'Til the End of Time, the record is only about 30 minutes long.

  1. For You, For Me, Forevermore
  2. Till the End of Time
  3. Forever
  4. I'll Always Love You (Querida Mia)
  5. Never Leave Me
  6. All My Life
  7. Why Can't This Night Go on Forever
  8. I'll Always Be in Love With You
  9. This Is Always
  10. Always
  11. Everyday
  12. Twelfth of Never


RonH said...

GREAT!!! This is so fantastic, A very big THANK YOU.


Traitor Vic said...

You're very welcome, Ron!

Lemoncat,, said...

What a great surprise to find another brilliant album by the one and only.. fantastic Vic.. thanx for posting,this has really made my day :)

LoungeTracks said...

I do need more Anita - I Kerr for her work deeply!

Thanks Vic!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic ,
Much thanks for this outstanding post .
I needed another Anita Kerr record !
Amazing with all the talk of women in music that our angelic genius Anita is completely written out the history of pop .
I have all the Anita Kerr stuff reissued by collectors choice as well as several posted by Lemoncat .
How many Kerr records does a fan need ? Every one of em !
Anything else you have by Anita Kerr , The Living Voices , Mexicali Singers would be most appreciated .
Love your blog !
- BL

Tiki Atomica said...

Exquisite. Thx for setting just the right tone for a mellow weekend in tiki-land.

Traitor Vic said...

Wheehah! I am, of course, always happy to help! This does seem to be turning out to become a Totally Tiki Weekend, doesn't it? Perhaps it's the bottle of Trader Vic's Macadamia Nut Liqueur that I got from my lovely Valentine!

Miss Destructo said...

I just launched my own website and blog!

And guess what??? You got a mention!!


Because we love you T. Vic and all the strange movies you make us watch.

You have to come out to a Greenville Gaff showing you would love it!! :)

-Miss D.

Traitor Vic said...

Very Cool, Miss D! And I'll try to get you some more weird movies soon.

jazztap said...




aggnès a sus pies

Jeff said...

I clicked on the link below the album image, but I cannot seem to download the file, any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to put together a memorial video for my mother in law and this was her favorite song!

Anonymous said...

the link below the album image is not working..... would love to have this album....please help.