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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sounds Galactic: An Astromusical Odyssey

Re-Upped and Re-Mastered! An Astromusical Odyssey.

This one was up for a relatively short time on the old site and it's a Really Awesome record, so I figured I'd better post it again.

This record is a Space Age Pop Monster. The back of the cover contains the only clue to it's actual contents in that it sports a line that says "Arrangements JOHN KEATING".

I find it rather hard to believe that Arranging was the only thing John Keating did on this record, though, as it is easily comparable to Keating's "Space Experience" records. It's possible that someone else conducted the orchestra, but it certainly has the John Keating Sound (including a fair amount of synthesizer work).

If you didn't get it before, you now have another opportunity. DO NOT LET THIS ONE PASS YOU BY!

Sounds Galactic: An Astromusical Odyssey
  1. Theme from '2001'
  2. Spinning Wheel
  3. Aquarius
  4. Nocturne
  5. Across the Universe
  6. Up, Up and Away
  7. Good Morning Starshine
  8. Telstar
  9. Clair De Lune
  10. Round Trip Mars


THXjay said...

Thanks Vic,

Looks like another Phase 4 stunner :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the crazy lounge-a-delic sounds!

Traitor Vic said...

Quite happy to be of service :-)

Isbum said...

Thanks traitor vic!

I'm melting in outer space!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Vic!!!
I heard this record many years ago and searching for it other many years.
Thank you for make me travel not only in space but in time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very very much. That's a record I will never forget. I delete the tape by mistake and I've been searching it since I was a child.

Traitor Vic said...

Glad to see people who love this record can find it! I, too, discovered this one as a youngster and only happened upon it, years later, in a Used Record Store. It really is a a Wonderful Slab o' Wax!

Anonymous said...

Hola Vic, i owe one!!!

Let me tell you that i had this album in 8 Track back in 1976 and i made a 9 hours From Guadalajara Mexico To Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico AND Back trip with my parents with only THIS Music

So You Will Understand How is this music drill into my brain, now i am in the music busisness as a dj company www.zeppelin.com.mx
for over 30 years and i have almost all the music i ever heard in my life BUT NOT THIS Until Now Thanks To You, here in guadalajara I OFFER A REWARD FOR THIS RECORD TO THE used music stores .... so far you won the reward,

In mexico i was offering 200 usd so if you want them i will send it to you or if you want to stop by i will love to Thank you in person !!

Traitor Vic said...

Hey, Cesar!

Glad I could help out. As I've said before, I'm really happy that my posting of this record has brought so much joy for so many who, like myself, learned to love it long ago.

Great lookin' site! I'd love to see one of your gigs sometime. I doubt I'll be gettin' down aound Guadalajara anytime soon but, if I do, I'll give you a holler.

popcat said...

Hi there!
I just discovered your beautiful blog. Thanks for all the music you're sharing here. I'll be back often. Just listening to the Astromusical Oddisey... what a treat!

jethrotullian said...

I can't download it! It is normal?

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing this great Phase 4 recording. I really like Space Age Pop.

Anonymous said...

great space...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vic, Could this possibly be re-upped to a different site as rapidshare is now gone. Zippyshare perhaps ?

Many thanks


GUSTAVO62 said...

Oh, que pena, ya no está disponeble! Sería posible que lo resubiera a otro servidor como Mediafire, Gracias!