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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Melachrino Strings: Music & More Music for Relaxation

I Sure Hope You're Stressed Out!

Okay. I don't, actually, but since I said I hoped you were hungry when I posted "Music for Dining" & "More Music for Dining", by The Melachrino Strings, back in April of last year I figured that would be an appropriate sentiment with which to introduce this post.

Continuing with his attempts at Lifestyle Modification Though Music, George Melachrino conducted these two records in 1958 and 1961, respectively.
The first is called "Music for Relaxation"and relaxing is what it is, boy howdy! Of course, that's what George did best.

  1. Berceuse de Jocelyn
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. While We're Young
  4. Star Dust
  5. Portrait of a Lady
  6. Valse Bluette
  7. By the Sleepy Lagoon
  8. La Golondrina (The Swallow)
  9. La Serenata
  10. Moonlight Serenade
  11. Vision d' Amour
  12. Estrellita
The second is actually posted on a different blog. I had been planning to post it, along with the first of the two, for a while but my copy is in pretty bad shape and would've been very difficult to get a clean rip off of. That problem was solved by our buddy Rich, who posted a beautiful VBR copy of it over on his site, LP's Vinyl Lounge Hut. The link to this record will take you to his original post, but I encourage you to tour around the entire site and check out his other Ultra-Lounge, Easy-Listening, Exotica and other Hard to Find offerings.

  1. Alone
  2. The Champagne Waltz
  3. Poor Butterfly
  4. Drifting and Dreaming
  5. Fascination
  6. Among My Souvenirs / Chopin Nocture in E
  7. The Four Seasons
  8. Paradise
  9. Serenade in Blue / Schubert's Serenade
  10. Mam'selle
  11. Misty
  12. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You / Softly, Softly

Do not attempt to operate a Motor Vehicle, Manned Aeronautic
Craft or Large Countertop Appliances while under the influence of these records.


Lemoncat,, said...

excellent share this i love it and thanks for posting tune melt :)

LoungeTracks said...

Just what the witch doctor ordered TV, many thanks!

Unknown said...

Spasibo !
From Russia With Love !
Please, more,more & more !!!

THXjay said...

Excellent stuff!

I always try and relax as much as possible, my theory is the less strain you put on the old ticker, the longer it will keep on tickin'



coupler said...
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coupler said...

Taken from the rear sleeve of this amazing LP

Once upon a time there were no buildings or bridges or automobile, and life was paced so leisurely no one needed to relax. Life “was” relaxation, and the days passed languidly as summer heat hanging over a meadow.

but, as you well know, progress came and brought civilization with it (maybe it was the other way around), and before long people were getting behind the wheels of their cars and driving 75 miles “to work”! Or they were climbing into airplanes to fly to Europe “for a ten-day tour of the Continent”! Or, even worse, they developed hobbies and things to occupy their spare moments, when all along they should have been lying down in some comfortable place, contemplating clouds and tides and things that count.

At any rate, civilization and progress are definitely with us,and everyone will keep running, no matter what. So, the next best thing to having back those good old pretension days is having this record on the turntable while you sit or lie on something soft and feel all the cares and the worries and tenseness of everyday life unwind from around your neck, unknot from your shoulders, and slide voluptuously down your arms to the tips of your fingers where, by the time you are listening to the melody of “Among My Souvenirs” and the “Chopin Nocturne In E-Flat,” they will drop off and leave you wonderfully loose.

I hate to be insistent, but you really do need this kind of therapy. After all, Melachrino and his strings are a perfectly relaxed group, and this music added to “their” relaxation. Think what it will do for yours.
It’s time to stop reading and to start relaxing.

-Ferris Benda

Jackie Gleason said...

WOW!! I downloaded the Melachrino Strings music for relaxation... and fell in love. I grew up in the 101 Strings era and never heard of George Melachrino.

I loved this album so much, that I have gone back and downloaded all your others.

Now I'm a Melachrino Collector!!

THANKS for introducing me to them!!!

Traitor Vic said...

You're welcome, Baggy Gator! Man! That's a great lookin' blog you got there! I've added links on The Tuna Melt, so expect your traffic to decrease severely as soon as people notice that I like you.

KL from NYC said...

Thank you.

Traitor Vic said...

You Got It, KL!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Please, give me link to download XRumer 7.0!!!

Always yours,
miss MW

Traitor Vic said...


Virginia Online said...

I just love this music for relaxation ;)

listen said...

Such a relief.

Anonymous said...

A very belated thanks lol! Great XXL cover!

albert1946 said...

Is it possible to re-upload this album ? " Music for relaxation"

Many thanks in advance

Greetings, Albert