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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Anita Kerr Singers: Reflect (on the Hits of Burt Bacharach & Hal David)

What's it All About, Anita?

The Anita Kerr Singers (and The Anita Kerr Quartet) were originally based in Nashville and were heavily involved in the creation of the "Countrypolitan" Nashville Sound. Any ideas that they were limited to working in Country Music, however, need to be tossed out immediately. Kerr, herself, was a multi-talented arranger, conductor and producer of a huge number of records of a wide range of styles.

She had moved to Hollywood by the time she recorded this album, in 1969, and was primarily involved in arranging and recording Orchestral Pop material. Combined with the amazing songwriting talents of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, her production on this record is nothing less than astounding.

Get her whole story at: http://www.anitakerr.com/

The Anita Kerr Singers: Reflect (on the Hits of Burt Bacharach & Hal David)
  1. What's New Pussycat?
  2. Alfie
  3. Are You There (With Another Girl)
  4. In Between the Heartaches
  5. The Windows of the World
  6. Do You Know the Way to San Jose
  7. Don't Make Me Over
  8. Walk On By
  9. Whoever You Are, I Love You
  10. I Say a Little Prayer
  11. The Look of Love
  12. A House is Not a Home
  13. What the World Needs Now is Love


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meltings of the finest calibre mr tuna..love it...love it...LOVE IT!
bravo :)

LoungeTracks said...

How did this get by me?!?
Thanks for Anita, TM!
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kebabette said...

Oh my, I used to listen to this album heaps as a young un and have looking to get hold of it. Wonderful!

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