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Friday, January 18, 2008

Various Artists: Easy Listening Beatles

The Tuna Melt presents HELP!

You know how it is… Like, because they're, like, the Greatest Musical Combo Ever in the History of Music, like, FOREVER, people like to try to listen to The Beatles. But sometimes, apparently, that can be a very difficult endeavor. Thank God for This Record!

This record, "Easy Listening Beatles (For People Who Hate Rock and Roll)", is filled with Beatles tunes as rendered by Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, Andre Kostelanetz, Johnny Mathis, Peter Nero and others. If you like The Beatles AND Easy Listening You'll Like It. If you Love Easy Listening but Hate The Beatles… You'll Love It!

  1. Hey Jude - Ray Conniff
  2. Fool on the Hill - Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus
  3. Yesterday - Ray Conniff
  4. Eleanor Rigby - Johnny Mathis
  5. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - Percy Faith & His Orchestra
  6. My Sweet Lord - Johnny Mathis
  7. Something - Peter Nero
  8. The Long and Winding Road - Andre Kostelanetz
  9. Michelle - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
  10. Variations on the Theme "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" - Peter Nero
  11. Let it Be - Jerry Vale


Dave said...

This is the kind of stuff my dad always had playing on the car radio in the 1970's. And then I'd go to the barber, and he'd have it on his radio too, and the grocery store, and the dentist.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh....


Traitor Vic said...

Ah, yes! The kind of music that makes you want to get your hair cut 3 or 4 times a week!

Anonymous said...

No "Revolution" or "Helter Skelter"??? :))

Unknown said...