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Friday, January 11, 2008

Carmen Cavallaro: Cocktail Time / 101 Strings: Fire and Romance of South America

Let's Take a Break with Some Stuff that is Easy to Listen To

Ah, yeah! Gonna kick back and relax a bit after that last couple of wild ones. And when I relax, I like to do it in a soft leather chair, with a cool drink and an album of music that's easy to listen to.

Sorta like this one. Carmen Cavallaro was known as "The Poet of the Piano" and followed closely in the footsteps of Eddie Duchin to release albums of flashy, zingy piano stylings of both popular music and "classical pop". As a matter of fact, it's actually Carmen playing the piano for Tyrone Power in "The Eddie Duchin Story" (probably playing better than Duchin himself could have).

Carmen also released another Cocktail album, entitled "Cocktails with Cavallaro". I don't have it, though. I have this one.

Carmen Cavallaro: Cocktail Time
  1. The Second Time Around
  2. This Could Be the Start of Something
  3. If Ever I Would Leave You
  4. Mine
  5. The Happiest Girl in the World
  6. Love Is Here to Stay
  7. When I Fall in Love
  8. Never on Sunday
  9. Love Letters
  10. Make Someone Happy
  11. My Sentimental Heart
"But," you might say, "Traitor Vic, what do you listen to if you're in a "South of the Border" kind of mood?", to which I might respond by asking "Do you mean a Little Bit South of the Border? Or WAY South of the Border?", assuming that you don't mean the infamous South Carolina Tourist Trap.

Were you to come back with "WAY South of the Border!" I would have to say that I'd like to sink back with a well made Caipirinha while listening to the soothing sounds of 101 Strings playing "Fire and Romance of South America" played.

Don't believe me? Grab yourself a bottle of Cachaca and a few limes and give this a spin.

  1. Brazil
  2. La Cumparsita
  3. Ay Ay Ay
  4. Desafinado
  5. Inca Theme
  6. Tico Tico
  7. El Choclo
  8. Encanto del Caribe
  9. Carnival do Rio
  10. Adios Muchachos


Anonymous said...

This is Sweden calling. Man, these albums are soooo great. Keep 'em coming mate 'cause we all love ya for sharing these with us and for all your efforts to please us leechers.

Greetings from Helsingborg, look it up, Sweden and Apple (juice)

Reza said...

how can you not love 101strings !!!

tremendous thanks Vic

Anonymous said...

Both links lead to the same file called cocktailtime. Can you upload the 101 strings please?
Best regards,

Luis said...

Wrong link for the 101 Strings.

doug said...

101 Strings comes up as Coctail Time. Can you recheck the link?Thanks, Bassooner.

Traitor Vic said...

Ack!!! I musta been in a hurry or something. Link is repaired now. Sorry 'bout that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recheck on the link to this one. I like the 101 Strings.

johnny dollar said...

that carmen cavallaro is some great stuff, man, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Very Nice
Thank you

Rich said...

Hey Traitor Vic,
I got you linked up at the Hut. Don't know how I missed you. I love the 101 Strings and I'm getting ready to post Swingin' Easy Carmen Cavallaro.

Dazy said...

Good collection, I am collecting them. Happy listening later.