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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Various Artists: Winter Warnerland

'Tis the Season to Promote Your Stuff!

That, apparently, is what Warner Bros. Records was thinkin' back in the 80s. I posted a 1987 compilation of Warner Bros. artists performing Christmas related materials, called "Yulesville!", when I was here back in July of last year. Now, in response to a request, I'm postin' this one from 1988. It, like the other, features both music and spoken word "Holiday Greeting" messages.

Note that this is a rip from the Compact Disc, which contains more tracks than the vinyl pressing. Silly Earthling Traitor Vic only posts old vinyl records here but I, being from Mars, am not constrained by such trivial concerns. Bah! As there are 37 tracks here (@ 320kbps), I've split the post into two pieces.

  1. God Rest the House - Jeff Lorber
  2. Winter Wonderland - Good Question
  3. Cold Chillin' Christmas - Cold Chillin' Juice Crew
  4. FM Dial - Warner Bros. Promo
  5. Holiday ID - Nelson Wilbury
  6. Maybe This Could Be the Christmas - Gardner Cole
  7. Holiday ID - James Ingram
  8. Holiday ID (English) - Apollonia
  9. Holiday ID (Spanish) - Apollonia
  10. Once in a Blue Moon Rising - PM
  11. I'm Coming Home - Secret Weapon
  12. Fais Do Do - Daniel Lanois
  13. What Child Is This? - Mark O'Connor
  14. Silver Bells - Jim Horn
  15. Christmas Medley - Pee Wee Herman
  16. Christmas Without You - Tommy Page
  17. Santa's Harley - Warner Bros. Promo
  18. Holiday ID - ZZ Top
  19. Holiday ID / Christmas Song - Bulletboys
  20. Santa Claus Is Getting Down - Jesse Ed Davis
  21. Rudolph the Manic Reindeer - Los Lobos
  22. Deck the Halls - R.E.M.
  23. Angels We Have Heard on High / Gloria - Hugo Largo
  24. Holiday ID - Lou Reed
  25. Blue Christmas - Danielle Dax
  26. Santa Claus - Throwing Muses
  27. Holiday ID - Ofra Haza
  28. 2000 Years of Love - 54.40
  29. I Believe in Father Christmas - Honeymoon Suite
  30. Ways to Save Money at Christmas - Julie Brown
  31. Holiday ID - Peter Cetera
  32. Silent Night - Peter Cetera
  33. Holiday ID - Randy Travis
  34. How Do I Wrap My Heart Up for Christmas - Randy Travis
  35. Don't Drink and Drive, Duh - Pee Wee Herman
  36. Pee Wee Willbury ID - Pee Wee Herman
  37. Santa's Jet - Warner Bros. Promo


Anonymous said...

FIRST, Fantastic sight!

now, is Winterwarner 1 down?

Traitor Vic said...

YOUCH!!! Thanks for askin' 'bout that weirdness. I dunno what happened there. I've re-upped it, so it ought to be good to go from here on out.

Merry Christmas!

alohacurrent said...

anyone know the password? Merry Christmas.

Jerry in Texas said...

Can you repost this?