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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Robert Goulet: This Christmas I Spend with You

Bah! I'm Back!!!

Yep! Looks like that lazy, good for nothin' Traitor Vic has left ya hangin' up to this point during this Holiday season so, once again, good ol' Voldar comes swingin' by from Mars to get the job done right! What in the worlds would you idiot earthlings do without folks like me? Huh?

You will note, too, that I have completely commandeered the Tuna Melt Blog for this season, adding my friend Secret-Santa's last.fm widgets in place of stupid, lazy Traitor Vic's in the sidebar. Take a bit of time to listen to his radio station if you'd like.

I am also adding an example of my own amazing acting prowess in a Music Video prepared by a puny earth-dude named SSPV999 and posted on your silly YouTube:

Bah! I Rock!

Now get this! This is a Classic! Released in 1963, it has spun on turntables and in 8-Track and Cassette players around the world since. Now you can hear it without using any of these arcane devices!

  1. This Christmas I Spend with You
  2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  3. December Time
  4. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
  5. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
  6. Silver Bells
  7. Winter Wonderland
  8. White Christmas
  9. O Holy Night (Cantique De Noel)
  10. Panis Angelicus
  11. Ave Maria
  12. O Come All Ye Faithful


Raven176 said...

You have no idea how long I've looked for this.
Thanks a ton for bringing back a childhood memory for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

DonHo57 said...

Whoa! A Goulet I don't have. TunMelt, this is why we missed you. Thanks, and have a great Christmas!

DonHo57 said...

I guess I could not get so giddy I leave the "a" outta Tuna. And thanks for the Colonel Sanders shares...wow...

Traitor Vic said...

Happy to see we're Makin' Spirits Bright! Thanks, Guys!

SouthCountryMom said...

Hi! I notice that this was posted in December of 2008...is this download still available? You have no idea how happy I am to have found it!!! I was an only child whose parents were divorced. My mother and I lived with my grandparents and I had no children around to play with. I lived and loved my grandparents music. I lost my grandmother's copy of this album (as well as my turntable) when our home burned a few years ago.

I'm trying to download it via the rapidfileshare thingy but it is telling me that in order to get a slot I must join. I do wish to make certain that this file is still available before I join.

Thanks so much!

Traitor Vic said...


Thnks for visiting, SouthCountryMom. The RS link is still active, but there's no need to "join". Rapid Share has been extremely busy lately and limits access by Free Users during their heavy download times. You might just want to try waiting until late in the evening or trying again early in the morning. I've found that it's usually pretty free by about 7:00pm, EST.

Good luck with it! Let me know if it remains a problem.

SouthCountryMom said...

Yay! I just tried it again and was able to get it downloaded! Oh, I am in a sentimental heaven right now and SO glad to be able to continue the family tradition of "spending Christmas with Robert Goulet" with my grandchildren just as I did with my children. We've all commented each year since losing this LP that the season just isn't the same at all with this album.

God Bless you, T.V.! Thank you so much! And have a very Merry Christmas. :)

Traitor Vic said...

Glad you got it, hon! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas, too! There's plenty more Vintage Christmas Music to come if you're interested in it.

Stephen Dias said...

I used to have this album on 8-track ;) I tried to find a CD, but discovered it was out of print. Thank you for posting it!

Jon_m19 said...

You are the BEST!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Could someone re upload this? My wife has fond memories of this album when she was growing up. It would make her heart melt if she heard this again. Many thanks in advance.