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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sid Ramin & Orchestra: New Thresholds in Sound

No Way! That's Even More Dynagroovy!

Okay. It might not be MORE DYNAGROOVY, but it is Definately MORE of the DYNAGROOVE EXPERIENCE!

This one, by Sid Ramin, rocks just as hard as the one by Marty Gold but it's not quite as inventive. There's very little Tuba action here. Still, it's a really great record and I'm sure it helped make a lot of dudes really happy with their recently purchased console stereos back in 1963.

Speaking of which... Remember that in 1963 there weren't that many Stereo systems out there. The amazing Stereo Action series that RCA produced in 1961 and 1962 was aimed at a Very Tiny, but Well Heeled, audience that was made up, mostly, of single men with enough disposable income to shell out for a stereo system (hence the tag "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music").

I had a roomate who worked at a record store back in about 1985. He had all these goofballs who knew not a damn thing about music coming into the store and asking him which CDs they should buy, as CDs were the New Perfect (and, at the time, rather expensive) Thing. He would offer his recommendations and they would purchase a huge load of good music. A week later, they would come back into the store wanting to sell the CDs back and asking which new ones they should get this time. It wasn't that they didn't like what they'd heard, it was just that they had Tiny Brains and Big Fat Wallets.

Too bad that the Record Companies had forgotten how to sell Demonstration Records by that point.

I know that there were at least three others in this series (and I swear I've got a copy of Dick Schory's "Supercussion" around here somewhere), as well as several compilation releases designed to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of Dynagroove, so if any other bloggers offer them you need to grab them up! I'll keep my eyes open in the Thrift Stores around town for 'em. Don't Worry!

Sid Ramin & Orchestra: New Thresholds in Sound

  1. Strike Up the Band
  2. Granada
  3. The Sweetest Sounds
  4. April in Paris
  5. Varsity Drag
  6. Embraceable You
  7. Spring Is Here
  8. Swanee
  9. I Believe in You
  10. Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
  11. Hernando's Hideaway
  12. Bewitched


LoungeTracks said...

Saw this over my vacation and didn't grab it and lo and behold - HERE 'TIS!

Thanks Vic!
Will keep my eyes open for the others in the series while I'm out & about.
ps. The Paisley Martini wasn't bad!

LoungeTracks said...

For you & yours, Dick Schory's SUPERCUSSION now posted at
Zip Your Rip

Lounge On Vic,

gooolias said...

this is great! thanks!

jazztap said...


Armpit Studios said...

I've been downloading tons of rips from lots of blogs lately, and I think I got this one from yours. Just wanted to let you know that whatever you used to rip is was also capturing Windoze UI sounds. There are mouse click sounds here and there in at least the first few tracks. I'm only halfway through it, so there might be more.

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks for the Heads-Up, Armpit!

I'm pretty sure it's not mine. I've listened to it a few thousand times now and would have noticed by now. You might want to trade up to this rip and compare it to the one you have.

I keep all of my sounds turned off and my sound & recording settings pretty well cleaned up and customized. I'm sure that you're aware, though, that Windows will sometimes reset to the obnoxious default settings for no reason and with no warning. I've spent quite a bit of time cleaning those "mouse clicks" from otherwise fine rips (from other places) in the past.

Armpit Studios said...

Yep, the clicks are there. Try Granada at just around 1:42.75. There's another a few seconds before, but this one's easier to hear. More at 2:16.f and 2:18.5, and a bunch more after that to the end.

I've been listening through cans; Sennheiser HD595.

Traitor Vic said...

Creepers!!! You're absolutely correct! I suppose I should have listed to it a few thousand times when I was SOBER (Yeah... Like THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN)!!!

Ding Dang Donggit! Now I gotta rip the whole thing all over again (as if I have anything better to do)!

Completly Non-Clickity Rip coming soon!

Jeez! You Non-Paying Customers can sure be a Pain in a Guy's Behonkus.

(Is that a word? Behonkus? I suppose that it is, as I just typed it.)

Armpit Studios said...

I can dig it.

Traitor Vic said...

Dig This! New file posted! No Clickity-Wickity! Sadly, the horrible scratch remains on "Spring Is Here" (song #7). I'll replace this entire file again if I ever come across a pristine copy.

Thanks for the help, Armpit!

Armpit Studios said...

Nice! Thanks for taking the time to fix 'er up. Now go have a chocolate bunny tuna melt.