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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have a Cocktail and Pal Around at Tuna Melt!

I present here two spectacular posts from other blogs that are directly related to items that can be found here on the Tuna Melt.

First up is another of the series of records put out by RCA Victor, back in the very early 60s, to promote their new mastering technique called Dynagroove. "Supercussion," by Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Orchestra, is presented by our buddy Lounge Tracks, operator of the magnificent Zip Your Rip.

Be sure to go get it, leave a nice "Thank You" and look all around at his other generous and wonderful offerings.

Dick Shory's Percussion Pops Orchestra: Supercussion

Next is a post from last month on one of the newer blogs to enter into Vinyl Sharity Lounge, 's Marvelous Distro, which is run by a lady named Annie D. who has already, in the short time since the blog popped up in February, exibited very fine taste in Out-of-Print Vinyl Music.

Here you'll find a 4 disc set from Reader's Digest called "South Sea Island Magic." It's similar to the 5 disc set that I posted back in February, "Hawaiian Paradise," and is filled with extremely nice music of the Islands. The link I include here is simply for the month of March (as each disc was posted separately), so I hope you'll use this as an introduction to the quality work that Annie D. puts out every Friday. Note, too, the logo in the lower right hand corner of the album jacket. This Too is a Dynagroove Recording!

Various Artists: South Sea Island Magic

I'll be the first to admit that The Tuna Melt is hardly a Strictly Lounge Music Blog and it ain't gonna become one any time soon. At the same time, though, I'll also admit that the Lounge Music Blogs are the ones that I pay the most attention to. Statistics show, too, that The Tuna Melt's regular readers pay a tiny bit more attention to the Lounge Music posted here than to any other type (only a teeny tiny bit, though).

That being the case, I can't help but take this opportunity to turn you guys on to some really incredibly cool stuff out there on the web. These are the places where I find the most interesting and inspirational music to listen to while sipping a cocktail or two (or three... or...). Yep! These are the places that Drive Me to Drink! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Hic!!!

There's been an Explosion of new Lounge Music Blogs lately and the new ones deserve to be pointed out. Also... I'm going to list the blogs that have been around for a few years for those of you who may be new to this scene.

I present them here in Alphabetical Order.

36 15 Moog: The Moog was Really Big in the Seventies, and was never embraced by most Rock Groups, so it was up to the former purveyors of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, and those that followed them, to pick up the ball and run with it.

Basic Hip: One of the Grandest of Grandaddies of the Vinyl Sharity Scene (and one of the few remaining), this site is home to all sorts of amazing stuff. Be sure to check out the Basic Hip Digital Gold section.

Bongolong Land: This one does not necessarily concentrate on "Lounge Music," but it has offered up some really great Lounge posts in the past.

Bryan's Lounge: Another new one (I'm adding this to the list in January, 2009). This fellow has a really interesting collection of records and compilations of music of both the Lounge/Easy and Library Music varieties. Nice Stuff!

The Crime Lounge: This one IS ALL LOUNGE MUSIC. But it is ALSO, ONLY LOUNGE MUSIC of the SPY, PRIVATE EYE and CRIME varieties. And really... Who in his right mind wouldn't like to have martinis with James Bond?

Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory: Obsessed with Funny (and Just Plain Weird), this Comedy-centric Sharity Blog has been known post some of the stranger records of the Cocktail and Lounge genre.

Easy Listening World: Lots of Beautiful Music and Television Tunes from England.

Easy Music: Georgy shares Lots of Light and Easy Music for your Listening Pleasure. He's in Russia, so a lot of this is stuff you ain't never gonna get at Best Buy.

Fear and Loathing with... ElCrowley: Not only Lounge and Exotica, but lots of it.

Grooves of Delight: Absolutely Fantastic! Go NOW!

Hall of Records: INACTIVE since APRIL, 2007. Still some good stuff (Arthur Lyman anybody?) there, though.

Higher Than Fi: The New Kid on the Blog-Block! If you've ever heard Jet Set Planet you're sure to look forward to what the future holds in store. If you haven't, go here now and get into the groove.

The Hot Sauce Lounge: I tend to put Hot Sauce (of one type or another) on just about everything I eat, so this one holds a special place in my heart. Or maybe it's because he digs The Rat Pack so much. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...?

J. David Williams' Sharity: Not a Blog so much as a Sharity Page on his Personal Site. Posts (from Vinyl and Reel-to-Reel Tapes) rotate out after a while, so check back every so often.

Junkyard Sparkle: NO POSTS since JUNE of 2007, but there's still some good stuff there.

Kelly's Lounge Sounds: Another New Lounge Blog! I say "The More the Merrier!," especially if they're all as good as this one. Kelly has some really nice stuff posted already (Peggy Lee & George Shearing, Sarah Vaughan, Les Baxter, Matt Monro, etc...) and promises much more from his years as a radio DJ. Get over there now and check it out.

Kono Tiki Island: INACTIVE since JANUARY, 2007. If there are holes in your Exotica collection, though, you might be able to fill them here.

Licorice Pizza: Without a Doubt one of my all time faves. An amazing collection of some of the best stuff I've ever sipped to.

Loronix: The Smooth Sounds of Lounge from Brazil. Lossa Bossa Nova!

Lounge Legends - Instrumentals Forever: I got two words for ya - Hugo Montenegro. Here... Two More - Horst Jankowsi. Got it? Go get it!

LP's Vinyl Lounge Hut: The Name Pretty Much Say's It All! An astounding collection of Thrift Store Gems.

Mexicovers: A great supplier of Easy Pop with a South of the Border slant.

morghini.net: Five mixes of great NOW Sound Pop.

Music and Memories: Ultra-Lounge, Henry Mancini & Lots of Soundtracks

Música do Bem: Classic Lounge Sounds.

Phil Musical's Lounge Corner: Bossa Nova, Mambos, Cha Cha Chas, Easy Listening, Lounge, Space Age Pop, etc... Really Great Stuff!

Psychotic Leisure Music: Okay. He post's a lot of other stuff, but Kevin's got a great deal of Esquivel and The Three Suns and that makes him okay with me!

Rangeraver's Departure Lounge: Great Shares and Tremendous Custom Compilations.

Rato Records Blog: Lots of Loungey Stuff in the mix. Shares are posted for one week only, so visit regularly.

RockOverGraceland: NO POSTS since January, but it's gotta be back sometime. It Just Has To!

Shoddity: NO POSTS since Four Months Before The Wedding, but still some great shares.

Singin' and Swingin': A remarkable collection of some of the smoothest sounds you'll ever let caress your eardrums.

Snow Day: Thrift Store Vinyl Sharity. One Month at a Time.

Sounds of Champaign (Side 2): Great Stuff! Much from Europe.

Stax o' Wax: Esther (with help from Starbuck and Snickerdoodle) pulls great stuff from the Thrift Bins!

TAM TAM & Mélodie: INACTIVE since FEBRUARY, 2007. This blog posted great Easy Shares from Exotic Locales. Many are Still Available.

Third Island: Mr. Snookles shares remarkable finds from Australia.

Thrift Store DJ: Some of my current favorites were found here!

Ultra Swank: Great Shares, Architectural Nostalgia and Custom Compilations from The Netherlands.

Vinyl Room: The Easiest of Easy Listening. Lots of great stuff here!

Whoops: Lounge, Easy and Library shares as well as Custom Compilations from France.

The Wild Palms: Extremely nice and easy shares from a fellow in The Netherlands.

Xtabay's World: He's calmed down a bit as of late (and begun posting items that aren't as Exotic[a] as the ones he used to specialize in), but Xtabay is still the King of Exotica Sharity!

Your Pal Doug: He Really IS Your Pal! And he's got a Record of the Moment Page Dealy.

Note: There are plenty of other blogs that share Lounge Music, but these are the ones that do it most consistently to my knowledge. If I've missed any that you know of, please let me know of them so that I can add them to my list of current obsessions.

So there! Ya'll get out there and get some good stuff! And, while you're there, show them your love and your appreciation.


LoungeTracks said...

Thanks for featuring us Vic, always nice to see others who enjoy these tunes as much as we do. And as you say, Lounge isn't the only thing we listen to but it's so eaZy on the ears and goes great with booze and olives!

Lounge On,

Traitor Vic said...

Ah, yes! Olives! I swear, if it weren't for those things I might just starve sometimes.

Man! That was a MUCH longer post than I expected it to be (and took much longer to compose than I had anticipated). The Lounge Music Scene is in Full Swing these days, in Blogland at least.

I just kind of felt like it was my duty to help some others learn of the amazing generosity of the Lounge Music In-Crowd. I hope at least a handful of folks read a bit of it.

Anonymous said...

Vic, Thanx for the nod and the pile o' lounge sites. Most I visit regular and a couple I never knew of! Lounge on. LP

Oh and PS...just got back from a new vinyl shop that had boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of vinyl on the floor with a sign that said 33 cents each. Only made it through about 4 of those boxes and came up with 30 killers. Get ready to rip.

LoungeTracks said...

I'm ready LP, I'm ready...

Traitor Vic said...

Isn't it GREAT when that happens!?! Except that, of course, it might mean that some old guy with great taste in music has recently passed away, but... Other than THAT... It's Great!

Last year a fellow showed up at one of our local Thrift Stores and unloaded so many records that they didn't have room for all of 'em! They dropped the price of All Music (LPs, 45s, Cassette Tapes, 8-Tracks, Even CDs) to 10¢ each.

His collection was ALL LOUNGEORIFIC Music!

I spent about $50 (getting 500 albums) and was nowhere near the bottom of the stack (they were eeking them out a little bit at a time) when a woman who runs an eBay site came in and offered to buy all of the remaining inventory for 5¢ a piece. She took the remainder of the lot (even the stuff that they'd kept in the back that no one else had even seen yet).

Suddenly... I understood why Rappers use the term "Beeyatch" so much.

But... I had 500 albums to listen to, so I didn't have a lot of time to dwell on the matter.

I'll post each of them that haven't already been posted by someone as time allows! :-)

And... LP... You really didn't know about some of 'em? Cool! I knew this would be a good thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in a link!
I guess that means I should rip an LP soon. Keep up the good bloggin!

Vinyl Room said...


Not been posting many vinyl albums at the moment, bit still I still manage to post music on a constant basis.

Hope to share some vinyl real soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank God, or whoever, for sites like this. This has to be one of my favorite places to come to after work, cocktail in hand. Best, Brad