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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Coolies: dig..? & Doug

What's So Cool About That!?!

Q: Who are The Coolies?
A: Five fine young men from Atlanta, GA not too different from you or me except for being blessed with seemingly superhuman talent, overwhelming artistic integrity and devastating good looks.

Q: Why do they call themselves The Coolies?
A: Well, the dictionary defines a coolie as "one who does heavy work for little pay." (I'm surprised there aren't more more bands around called The Coolies!)

Q: Why don't The Coolies play original songs?
A: They do! Just ask Paul Simon! He wrote most of 'em!

Q: Do The Coolies like to Party?
A: Only in groups of one or more and on certain special occasions, like the drop of a hat.

I copied those questions and those answers off of the back of the record jacket. They oughta go a long way toward explaining this record.

  1. Scarborough Fair
  2. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  3. The 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
  4. I Am a Rock
  5. El Condor Pasa
  6. Having My Baby
  7. Cecilia
  8. Homeward Bound
  9. Mrs. Robinson
  10. The Only Living Boy in New York
Allow me, please, to quote a review from Trouser Press to explain the next one. Here goes:
"Amazingly, the Coolies followed the one-joke dig..? with the brilliant Doug, a trenchant "rock opera" about a skinhead who murders a transvestite short-order cook, gets rich by publishing his victim's recipes, falls into paranoia and substance abuse and ends up in the gutter. The sad tale is related through ingenious knockoffs of the Who ("Cook Book"), John Lennon ("Poverty"), the Replacements ("Coke Light Ice"), rap ("Pussy Cook") and metal ("The Last Supper"), and in a comic book — not included with the cassette or CD, alas — designed by Jack Logan, of Pete Buck Comics fame. A quantum leap from its predecessor's one-dimensional silliness, Doug is a work of demented genius."

Here it is.
  1. Talkin' 'Bout Doug
  2. Ice Cold Soul
  3. Pussy Cook
  4. Cook Book
  5. Shirts and Skins
  6. Coke Light Ice
  7. Doug!
  8. 40 Foot Stretch
  9. The Last Supper
  10. Ain't Gonna Eat No More
  11. Crack Pipe (Burnin' My Hand)
  12. Poverty
  13. Talkin' 'Bout Doug (reprise)
In case you don't recognize the inspiration for the name of the Transvestite Short-Order Cook, here's a picture (lifted directly from the Carvel Ice Cream website) of Cookie Puss.


johnny dollar said...

cookie puss!

glad to have you back in the interweb tubes, man... damn those pesky technology machines.


angelo said...

thank you for posting the Coolies

PPC Angelo

Anonymous said...

...And has anyone got the clever joke from the two album titles? For the slow folks, it's a pun on a popular video game at the time....DigDug.

Damn,I wish those guys were still around.


BENBENEK said...

wow...I've been looking for a copy of DIG for a while...I have a friend who's a HUGE Simon and Garfunkel fan.

Glad the RapidShare link still works

thanks Vic

Happy belated New Year

(in Long Beach, where they're
filming a T-MOBILE commercial in front of our house)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Been looking for this forever, used to have it on vinyl. Got lost at some point.

I'm guaranteed to dig it, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks for the posts. and the Coolies!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks... the 1995 double-CD reissue of these albums omits "Mrs Robinson" and reorders some of the "Doug" tracks. Now I know!

brento said...

Oh I thought I came across The Coolies from New Zealand.
They are an all girl Punk band.


Doctor Tarr said...

These are from Atlanta.

Doug is available for $6 as a digital download from amazon.com, for those who want to pay. There's still no other way to get Dig?, as far as I know.

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks, Doc!

Yep! Hotlanner, G. A. we use ta call it. Great town. Great times, boy howdy. Nothin' like the smell of 5-hour-old onion rings from The Varsity, left in the back seat, to snap you out of a stupor following an evening at The White Dot (or The Clermont, for that matter).

Both of these were released (in a limited edition) on CD back in 1995 (as mentioned above, by Spaceboy). It was an incomplete and jumbled up collection, though.

Still nothin' like the vinyl. Check over at Wax n' Facts. They may have a few copies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I actually dug (hehe) out my old cassette! Nowhere to play it anymore, though. :)

Daddy Can I Turn This? said...

Hi, great blog. It looks like the link for the Coolies' Dig is down. Any chance of a re-up? Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance of re-uploading these 2 albums please?

Would greatly immerse into the Coolies… you dig…?

Unknown said...

The links do not work!? Any help here?