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Friday, September 07, 2007

Herman Brood & His Wild Romance: Herman Brood & His Wild Romance

Dope Sucks!

Herman Brood (pronounced "Ehrman Broat") was a true Rock 'n Roll Junkie. The Dutch personification of "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll," he was nearly more famous for his outspokeness concerning sex and drug use than for his music.

He started playing piano for The Moans (who later became Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers) in 1964. Soon after, though, Harry Muskee asked him to join Cuby and The Blizzards and he was with them for the next decade. He started His Wild Romance in 1977. He began painting in the early 90s and became as successful a visual artist (known for his large-scale, colourful works reminiscent of the CoBrA style) as he was a musician.

He even kicked just about all of his habits. At least he cut back to only alcohol and a daily shot of speed. Seems he waited too late, though, as he was told in 2001 that he only had a few months to live. On July 11, at the age of 54, he lept to his death from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton.

  1. Saturday Night
  2. Doin' It
  3. Champagne (& Wine)
  4. Back (In Y'r Love)
  5. Doreen
  6. Hit
  7. R & Roll Junkie
  8. Dope Sucks
  9. Never Enough
  10. Pain
  11. Get Lost
  12. Hot Talk
  13. Prisoners
  14. Skid Row
This is the US release of the album that was released in Holland (in 1978) as "Shpritsz". The only differences are the deletion of the song "One" and the change of the cover art from the image of a male's hip to the (much less artistically presented) image of a female posterior. I'm sure the record company was afraid that the Male image would frighten customers away just like the cover of Sticky Fingers did.

Oh. And then there's the fact that (as I had noticed previously, but was thankfully pointed out by Billy Shears) the introductory Title Song is a Completely Different Recording from one record to the other. That's a difference, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Vic for the links. I take a look every now and then to the site. A bit early for Xmas though :)


Unknown said...

Good old Herman. He died on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

The other difference is the longer version of Saturday Night, at least on my copy, btw, link is not working, or maybe just my error

Billy Shears
slc, ut

Traitor Vic said...

Aha! Good call, Billy!

As a matter of fact, the entire track is different as far as I can tell. The American release is "cleaner" and "more refined", I suppose. More like a "Song" (or, I'd imagine the record company was thinking... A "Hit Song").

Link Works Now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing and the clarification on Saturday Night, I have heard both and wondered why so different.

Billy Shears

Anonymous said...

The Hilton is around the corner where I live and every time I pass I slow down, thinking about Herman and Chet Baker, who jumped from the same spot. Baker was the better musician, but Brood was outstanding as the local fool. The streets of Amsterdam are less colorful since he left.

Jessepop said...

Here's a new blog you may be interested in :
a tribute to Tom petty with bootlegs, give-away songs, videos and miscellaneous rarities.

Traitor Vic said...

I love that! I hope that I am, one of these days, remembered as being "Outstanding as the Local Fool"! And thanks for the Chet Baker info, Marieke! I had no idea (and am soon headed off to find more).

Thanks for the tip, too, Jessepop! I'll post it in my Links soon!

Anonymous said...

BROOD for ever!!!

bobbysu said...

thank you very much