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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: Man Enough to Be a Woman

The Punk Rock Freak Show!

I was in a bar once (actually, I was in that bar more than once) and was talking to a fellow about Punk Rock bands. We were listening to The Mekons on the Jukebox and were naming bands to each other and telling each other what we thought of those mentioned. When I said "Wayne County & The Electric Chairs" he said he didn't care for them because he felt that they tried to turn Punk Rock into a Freak Show.

What is Punk Rock other than A Freak Show!?!

What is Rock & Roll other than A Freak Show!?!

What, for that matter, is Humanity?

Yep. You got it. You're a freak and so am I. We might be different kinds of freaks, but that's all that we, as humans, have the capacity to be.

Get on over to
O CANADARM! right now and scroll downward (or just take this quick shortcut: http://ocanadarm.blogspot.com/2007/05/electric-chairs-uk.html) to find the first record, "Blatantly Offenzive", from Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. God knows those Canadians are a bunch of Freaks. Right!?!

This one, "Man Enough to Be a Woman," came out in 1978. It's Freakish. It's Freaky. It's Freakaholic!

  1. Storm the Gates of Heaven
  2. Cry of Angels
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Mr. Normal
  5. Man Enough to Be a Woman
  6. Trying to Get on the Radio
  7. I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
  8. Tomorrow is Another Day


Anonymous said...

Thanks Vic for this post. I became a fan of County's thru the 'Rock'n'roll Cleopatra's' compilation. I Don't mind the transexual thing, it's old good punk rock of the first rank. Thank U for the post as usual ;)


That O Canadarm blog post is quite good indeed, I knew it but I don't visit it as often as I should.


Traitor Vic said...

Y'know... There are so many great blogs out there now that I don't get to any of 'em as often as I should. I do, though, hit 'em all eventually. I'm really glad I finally got over to see the Wayne County post at O CANANDARM!

Dgrador said...

Thanks fer the plug, I guess I'm a-gonna have to dig through the pile for some new stuff to post, what wiyh all the extra traffic you're sending me.

BTW, I'll be in Portland Oregon Aug. 17-18 for a little shindig called Fuzz Fest Northwest, featuring live sets by:

The Electric Prunes
Chocolate Watch Band
Chesterfield Kings
The Seeds
The Fiends
Strawberry Alarm Clock
and more TBA

yeah, I'll be slingin' my axe for one of the above, heh...

Traitor Vic said...


I say DAMN!!!

Holy Freakin' Cow!!!

That's an Amazing Lineup!


Sorry... Other than that I'm pretty much speachless.


Anonymous said...

Wayne County is underrated, and did a great cover of CHERRY BOMB that might get rediscovered since The Runaways movie's a hit!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but no-one seems to realize that these songs are from "Storm the Gates of Heaven" - not "Man enough..." which I´m searching for quite a while... ;-)

Anonymous said...

The link is dead, please upload again.