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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michel Legrand: Strings on Fire

On Fire!?! It's Simply In Sane!

Back in the 50s and 60s a good deal of really cheap movies were made about "What Might Happen If" scenarios. For instance... What Might Happen if Nuclear Energy Affected Ants and Made them Really Big and Dangerous!?! Or... What Might Happen if Nuclear Power Were to Distort a Man's Ability to Fight Against Horrifically Enlarged (by Nuclear Power, of course) Rodents!?!

All this "What Might Happen If" stuff kinda gets me to thinking about this record. It seems a perfect example of What Might Happen if Jackie Gleason were Conducting an Orchestra When, Suddenly... He were Possesed by the Spirit of Juan Garcia Esquivel!?!

Scary, huh?

Not really, though. Michel Legrand, who's album this is, was born into a musical family (his father was a successful conductor and his sister was a member of the Swingle Singers) in 1932. He was already studying music when, in 1947, a friend gave him a ticket to a Dizzy Gillespie concert.

That being said, Michel Legrand has produced quite a few High-Brow "Real" Jazz records over the last 60 years ("Legrand Jazz," on Columbia-EMI, and "C'Est Magnifique," on Mercury, are real standouts), he has also created, conducted and/or produced a fair amount of Less Important Music. Some fault him for this. I say that it's simply because he realized a few years back that All Music is Good (unless it's Music That Sucks, of course) and that the Sound of Strings Zooming and Zinging around a room (from the speakers of a Console Stereo) was a Marvelous Thing!

This guy is GOOD! If you ever see a copy of his "Archi-Cordes" or "Plays for Dancers" in a Thrift Shop... GRAB IT!!!

In the meantime... Enjoy this.

  1. Perfidia
  2. El Choclo
  3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  4. What Is This Thing Called Love
  5. Everything I Have is Yours
  6. Jezebel
  7. Jalousie
  8. Close Your Eyes
  9. Temptation
  10. Come Back to Sorrento
  11. Tabu
  12. All or Nothing At All


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link for "Strings On Fire"?

Traitor Vic said...

I do, Bassooner, but it's gonna be kept secret for long enough for the members of the mailing list to download it. I had some trouble with links being deleted a while back and have taken this step to try to insure that at least some people have the opportunity to avail themselves of my gratitude.

Not a perfect solution, I agree, but if this were a perfect world a solution would not have been necessary. Sorry.

Please feel free to browse the available selections from more than a month ago and check the archives. I'd be willing to bet you'll find something you like. And check back in a few weeks to get "Strings on Fire."

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how I can get on the mailing list... :-( or :-)

Apple Sweden

Traitor Vic said...

Get an email address to my email (not here in comments) and I'll see what I can do. :-)

Unknown said...