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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Three Suns: Having a Ball with The Three Suns

It's Tuna Melt Party Time in Sunshine Land!

The Three Suns (brothers Al and Morty Nevins along with their cousin Artie Dunn) were said to have been Mamie Eisenhower's favorite group. They were an amazingly prolific outfit, in terms of the amount of music they produced, and amazingly diverse, in terms of the range of musical styles that they recorded. Now considered to be near the top of any expert's lists of Easy Listening, Vintage Lounge, Exotica and/or Space Age Bachelor Pad performers, they were a staple of the RCA Victor catalog from the mid-forties through the mid-sixties.

There are a handful of their albums that are considered to be heads and shoulders above the average product available at the times of their release. This is not one of those (and those are, or have been and will again be, available at other outposts in The Blogosphere).

This one is, however, a prime example of their average offerings. Released in 1958, it was tossed out into a world filled with Exotica and Space Age Hi-Fi Demonstration Records but remains unaffected by either of those faddish affectations. It is, purely, (as the name would suggest) the perfect record for a PARTY!!!

So fix yourself a tall stiff one (or two), set a few tidbits about to nosh upon, grab your gal (or guy, as the case may be) and get on down with The Three Suns!

  1. You Are My Lucky Star / How About You? / Hello! My Baby / Stompin' at The Savoy
  2. I'm in the Mood for Love /
    I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder / That Old Feeling / A Kiss to Build a Dream On
  3. Linda Mujer (You Never Say Yes – You Never Say No!)
  4. Hi Lili, Hi-Lo
  5. You Were Meant for Me / Just You, Just Me / Doll Dance / Elmer's Tune / Johnson Rag
  6. I Cried for You / Something's Gotta Give / Coquette / Don't Be That Way
  7. If I Had You / I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) / Honey / Should I
  8. Three O'Clock in the Morning
  9. Walter Winchell Rumba
  10. I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You) /
    When You Wore a Tulip / Sing, Sing, Sing / Tiger Rag
And for more info on this marvelous group go to:
The Three Suns @ Space Age Pop Music
The Three Suns Universe


DonHo57 said...

Wow, TM, a fantastic group and LP to post for us! Sorry to hear of your struggles with your ISP. I have the same problems with AT&T cell service...unfortunately it's the very best where I live, but we have better phone and internet options, thankfully.

Anyway, we know now that at least one First Lady had good taste about music. Now excuse me while I go dust off the martini glasses and give a listen. Who cares if it's only 8 AM on a Saturday morn...

Stewart Smith said...

I picked this up for one Euro in a Barcelona record shop. Really bought it for the cover and the wonderful design of the stereo demonstration inner sleeve. But it's pretty classy exotica. Nice to see it on the internet!