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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slavdik: Turk

I Ride My Camel, It's an Ugly Mammal

I've seen some pretty f^ck$d up Rock'n"Roll shows in my day (The Cramps, The Butthole Surfers, Conway Twitty...). But some of the most bestest shows I ever witnessed were put on by Slavdik!!!

Okay... Slavdik didn't have some butt-ugly naked girl with rubber bands hangin' out of her braces dancin' naked in front of a projector that was showin' "Hamburger on the Highway" (or some other Driver's Ed film), but That's Because Slavdik Didn't NEED IT! All Slavdik Needed was All Slavdik Had! And That, Brothers and Sisters, is All Slavdik Gave!

The band's name (pronounced \ˈslāvˈdik\, it sounds like Slave Dick) is taken from the true last name of it's founder and front man, Rudi Slavdik. He changed it, after bringing his Albanian Roots Rock Band to the US, to King Cotton. He's also the primary songwriter and, I must say, the tunes on this little EP from 1986 are simply gems. I'm especially fond of "The Turk" and "Karl Marx (He No Dead)." I heard a DJ, in Atlanta, compare King Cotton's vocal stylings to David Byrne once. That's not bad, if you ask me.

  1. The Turk
  2. (I Hate) Party Talkin'
  3. Karl Marx, he no dead
  4. Barbecue Hut (Live in Prague)
To quote The King (King Cotton, not Elvis): "The Mighty, Mighty SlavDik had its day, but a new Magog has risen from the ashes. Check out King Cottton and The Remnants."

Yes, King Cotton, along with what is left of the original Slavdik personnel, have released a new collection of Weird-Ass Southern Country Soul on CD. You can get it HERE.


DonHo57 said...

From The Three Suns to Slavdik...if that ain't variety, nothing else is. Thanks for this one!

Traitor Vic said...

Tuna Melt just All Kinda Crazy, Ain't It!?!

Anonymous said...

This here's The King and I want to rhank my many fan for keeping the dream alive. I say, I say, "yes, we can!" And Hope is more than a place in Arkansaw. Amerika has been a nice place to me. As my irritating neighbor's dog says, "rock on dudes.life is short, party often!" King