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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rotary Connection: Peace

Okay, Silly Earthlings! Who Stole My PEACE Pipe!?!

And I'm not talking about a sorry bit of Drug Paraphernalia. I'm talking about one of the many and very impressive and incredibly important tubes that pokes out of my very impressive and incredibly important helmet. It's the one pipe that helps me control my Madness. I mean... My Temper! It also helps me keep my Brain Gas inside my skull!

Damnit! My Very Impressive and Incredibly Important Martian Intelligence is going to seep out of my Freakin' Hat thanks to you people!

I should be quite angry and, out of retribution, not share with you this incredible recording. I'm not gonna do that, though.

It's called "Peace" and it's by Rotary Connection. It has everything you could ever need during the Holidays... Traditional Christmas Tunes, Loud Wailing Psychedelic Hippie Guitar, Sweet Smooth Soul and, even, Obvious Drug Reference Lyrics!

Rotary Connection: Peace

  1. Opening Round
  2. Silent Night
  3. Christmas Love
  4. Last Call for Peace
  5. Shopping Bag Menagerie
  6. Silent Night
  7. Christmas Child
  8. Peace at Least
  9. Santa's Little Helpers
  10. Sidewalk Santa
  11. If Peace Was All We Had
  12. Silent Night Chant
  13. Silence The Rotary Connection


Elderbob said...

One of my favorite xmas albums. I had a chance to get the CD but I didn't, I like the scratches on my record. I have been there when each scratch got installed into the analog mix. If you are younger than 55, this album may not be your trip.

Tiki Atomica said...

A great band and nice people too. R.i.P Minnie.

Traitor Vic said...

I tell ya... The girl could SING couldn't she!?!