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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Gonna check the options and see what I think is worth our time.


glyphjockey said...

It's never woth our time. That seems to be the whole point.

Anonymous said...

What's happened with the blog. has it been sabotaged?.


Anonymous said...

heya TV -
I do quite enjoy the blog; I say keep going! Do it for the kids! And anyone else who enjoys obscurities of such wonderment.

Yer Florida bus pal...

Anonymous said...

There are ways around things. It can be done...

Anonymous said...

Of course your blog has literally zillions of readers* who don't want you to go. We check every few days or so to see if you've had a chance to post, read comments, etc... new download or not. Perhaps if you could elaborate on what brought you to question it's worth we could give you some more relevant arm-twisting. Still, do what you have to do. I can say I've learned a lot here. And the Tuna-Melt is the closest thing to a perfect sandwich. I would hate to lose that one either.


*Yeah, zillions. I'm not kidding. We're just too shy to post most of the time, but we're there.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with SM. It's hard to be helpful without more info.

That said, this blog is a product of your effort and passion. Only you can determine if the hurdles are worth jumping.

My hope is that you will continue to entertain and inform, but if not, just wanted to say thank you.

-Mumford, the All-Purpose Nothing

Dgrador said...

Ya know I luv ya so, baby please don't go.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the musical enlightenment, no matter what you decide.

Anonymous said...

greetings from england......i basically check this and a few other blogs every day for new posts without fail. but i maybe have only ever left one comment. i say keep going. you the man

Music2Jby said...

Hi Trader Vic. I check your blog regularly and can appreciate the hassle of a-holes deleteing your uploads. I hope you stay but would understand if you go. By the way - Thanks again for reposting the Fleshtones - Roman Gods for me. It has always been one of my favorites.

The J

tmunki said...

Sometimes blogging can be a pain in the arse but I only do it when I can be arsed, I think having a more laid back attitude makes it all the worth while & you know people are gonna stumble across the site even if you don't do anything and you might not do anything for months. If the quality is there then others will keep the blood flowing through the site by visits/downloads etc. Most blogs pack in after a year though...

Residentevil2 said...

You enjoy running the Blog? Then do it life is short, your work is appreciated by most. Screw the some! Keep The Music Alive!
Whatever you do all the best.

Will said...

I'll miss you if you go, for what that is worth!

Anonymous said...

Please stay. I will miss you too much if you go. You are unique among blogs m8. I come for a daily fix!

dual said...

i'm a regular too,

let me quote:
"screw the some!"

word up!

heads up!

keep it up!

appreciated from the bottom of my heart!


Anonymous said...

Only found you a month ago. Regular visitor since then (about 2x/week). Would hate to see you go because you seem to understand that sometimes quality was lost in the marketing or whatever. Lots of great music out there and the fact that you care enough to make it available for a listen is a service to all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your time and trouble.
this must take alot of your time.

Hope you stay.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking out these blogs for a few months now but I'm afraid I was a Johnny come lately to your site. I only learned of it through the Rolling Stone post but I've thoroughly enjoyed the high quality of this site in the short time I've been visiting. To be perfectly honest, I'm one of the silent majority in the comments department too, sorry about that... I'm sure it's a total pain in the ass to have to rebuild something that took your time and effort but clearly this site was a labor of love for you. I hope that you'll find it a worthwhile endevor to continue, but in the event that you don't, thanks for lots of cool words and tunes.
Signed, an old ex-punk, ex-hippie, current boring old fat guy. As my grandpa used to say, "You done good work boy!!!!"

nomwl1 said...

So sorry to see what's been going on with your blog, Vic! :((((

I hope the mailing list idea works out and that you keep the sharing flag flying high!

Have a high ball on me and don't let them get you down!! :))

indexmysoul said...