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Friday, February 23, 2007

Alright… Let's try something different.

It's pretty obvious that someone out there is not going to let me post anything to be left up for more than a day or so. I seriously doubt that the individual in question is a representative of a record company or music publisher or a copyright holder. I think it's just a jealous little twit. It's not that they don't want you to have access to this stuff, it's simply that they have the opportunity to do damage and, so, they must. I find this odd and a bit sad. I also find, though, that it is impossible for me to continue posting links only to see them deleted within a day or two. That's it, folks. The Tuna Melt Sharity Blog, as we have known it, is dead.

I said before, however, that I was going to study my options and I have. A comparison of One-Click Web Hosting Sites convinced me that there was no alternative to RapidShare that would be any better whatsoever, so simply posting stuff online and supplying links via the blog is out of the question.

My friend Swanky is a brilliant man. He is also a tremendous bartender, a librarian of and authority on Polynesian Pop Culture, a snappy dresser, and a collector, and a sharer, of Valuable & Interesting Information (http://www.swankpad.org/blather/). I think he may be a pretty good dancer, too, but I'm not sure. Anyhow... So Swanky has this idea, right? Why don't I continue to Rip my Vinyl (which I am, of course, going to do) and post my commentary and the scans of the Jackets at the ol' Tuna Melt but, instead of posting a link to where the album is on the blog, send out an email to let people know where they can download the record?

At first I was against the very idea of limiting the Tuna Melt to an elite and exclusive crowd. There have been more than a few people stumble across the Tuna Melt because they were searching for specific records only to find that they enjoyed other posts they found here. I want to leave the door open. I don't want to exclude anyone who has not behaved in a way to deserve exclusion.

The Tuna Melt Mailing List will achieve this. I'm now convinced that the Mailing List idea is the way to go. I'm already a member of a couple of Music Sharing Mailing Lists and enjoy and I appreciate being included in those clubs. Of course, even this is open to possible sabotage. At least, though, it strikes me as being a bit more manageable. And if someone hates me enough to join my email list to try to make me miserable, I might oughta get a clue and stop being such an asshole.

So, If you're here... Here You Are! Welcome to The Tuna Melt!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought posting on http://multiply.com/

it's cool for music blogging, see this for example

That blogger had his Rapidshare account deleted and thus was thinking about stopping blogging.

Anyway, good luck for the future, i'm sending you my adress to know what will follow.

Thanx 2 U for the music

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your articles and making resources available to us. Your pages have provided me with hours of enjoyment, and hours to come.

I am sorry to hear about the fecal princess who gets oily discharge off while reporting your posts. Hopefully they will disappear just as easily as they appeared.

While some of your posts are down for now, your links are not. Not only for YOUR posts, but your great links section am I greatful for.

Thank you again and good luck with the mailing list method!

Daniel Dyer said...

Just want to add that I hope the little a**hole who hacked your blog is happy. Unfortunately, there some who just don't appreciate the hard work and dedication that you put into The Tuna Melt. A brief word to the little twit - Your immature antics only make the people you victize stronger. They will find a way to express their interests and continue to contribute the wonderful gift of music to us fans. Vic, you have support and fans in great number - that means a lot. We appreciate your self-expression and all the AWESOME music you post.

GOOD LUCK with the mailing list and whatever other methods you choose to pursue!


Traitor Vic said...

Wow, Anonymous #1!

Actually, I have looked a bit into Multiply.com before but I've never seen it look like that! That is one beautiful Blog and certainly bears deeper investigation. Thanks, too, for reintroducing me to Taste! I'd been missin' that one.

Thank, Anonymous #2, for the appreciation of my Links list! That can be a real time consumer. The only links I post are ones that I have checked out myself and can personally recommend. The way Blogs pop up and shut down these days, it can be difficult to keep up with at times. Glad you like it.

Thanks a lot to you, too, AgentDyer. We'll see if this Email thingy works out and, if it doesn't... Oh, well. We'll just keep tryin', I reckon.

johnny dollar said...

hey hey!

nietsche in the house :D
(i.e. you are not destroyed, but stronger)


indexmysoul said...

hi i recently found your blog about a month ago i remember you put a link for "plantina" is there anyway i could get that link again?
i have been searching all day and am sorry to hear about the assholes who keep deleting your posts!
i'm so happy i found this site...
such amazing music!

Traitor Vic said...

Hiya, Index!

The "Plantina" record you refer to might be "Plantasia"? By Mort Garson (using the name "Mother Nature" on that release I believe)?

Sadly, I didn't have a copy of that record posted and, even sadder, I don't have a copy to post. I had posted a record by Mort (using the name "Z" on this one) called "Music for Sensuous Lovers." I'm sure I'll repost it to the mailing list soon.

Speaking of the Mailing List... Are you on it? If not, would you like to be? Shoot an email to traitorvic@gmail.com if you'd like to sign up.

I'll continue to keep an eye out for the Plantasia record as well.

Traitor Vic said...


I knew I'd seen it recently. Our old pal BongoLong posted it in February.

Find it Here: http://bongolongland.blogspot.com/search?q=Plantasia+

indexmysoul said...

yes it was Plantasia!

Traitor Vic said...

Happy to be able to help!