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Friday, September 11, 2009

Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau / Hui Ohana

The Real Music of Hawai'i

As summer winds down and the temperature begins to drop the moments spent in the backyard with a Mai Tai or a Tonga Punch become fewer and farther between. That's why the right music is so important during this time of year. Don't let the end of summer be ruined by limiting yourself to continued listenings of that same old "Reparata & The Delrons" album you've been listening to repeatedly since 1964.

Allow The Tuna Melt to, once again, whisk you away to a magical place where the sun shines bright, the palm trees sway in a warm breeze and you live in constant fear of being struck in the noggin' by falling coconuts; Hawai'i!

This is the REAL music of Hawai'i. Of course, I realize that Reggae is Huge in Hawai'i these days, and I remain a large fan of good ol' Hapa Haole hits with which we're all so familiar as well as Exotica (perhaps my favorite of all these genres). But Slack-Key Guitar is a truly original Hawai'ian art form. This is really beautiful music.

The first group represented here is "Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau". The group was founded in 1976 and led by Skippy Kamakawiwoʻole. It's best known member, however, was probably Skippy's brother Israel , who later became enormously famous (as well as, due to a genetic disorder, simply enormous) as a ukulele player of great creativity and virtuosity. "No Kristo" is their premier album, from 1976 on Poki Records, and is guaranteed to send your thoughts to ports of pleasure.

Makaha Sons of Ni'iahau: No Kristo
  1. Hanakeoki
  2. Pua Tubarose
  3. Waikiki Hula
  4. Morning Dew
  5. Manu Kolohe
  6. Hele Mai
  7. E Nonoi I Ka Haaku / Kanaka Waiwa
  8. Po'e Koa
  9. Freedom of Makaha
  10. Nane
  11. Papalina Lahilahi
  12. No Kristo
Next are two albums by one of my favorite Slack-key groups of all time: Hui Ohana. Led (no pun intended) by Ledward Kaʻapana and featuring his brother Nedward and cousin Dennis Pavao, Hui Ohana were at the forefront of the Hawai'ian Music Renaissance of the 70s.

Hui Ohana: Young Hawaii Plays Old Hawaii
  1. Nani Waimea
  2. Salomila
  3. E Liliu E
  4. E Mama E
  5. 'Ulupalakua
  6. Sweet Lei Mokihana
  7. U'i Lani
  8. Kaloaloa
  9. Pua Lililehua
  10. Nanakuli
  11. Pua Maeole
  12. Hula O Makee
  13. Pui Lilia

Hui Ohana: Ono
  1. Hele On to Kauai
  2. Magic Island
  3. Punahoa Special (Slack Key Instrumental)
  4. Kaulana Kawihae
  5. Hanalei Moon
  6. Ke Kali Nei Au (The Hawaiian Wedding Song)
  7. Ka'a Ahi Kahului
  8. Pili Aloha
  9. Kaulana Na Pua
  10. Wai Ulu
  11. Granada (Ukulele Solo Instrumental)
  12. Blue Darlin'
Onipa'a E Na Lei O Hawai'i


DonHo57 said...

Tuna is backagain!!! Thanks for these great LPs, just right for the end of summer.

SouthPacificMusic said...

Thanks for the tunes!
I linked up to you and your post on my blog, hope that's cool.


Traitor Vic said...

Very Cool, SouthPacific!

I'll place a link to your blog into my links list soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Hui Ohana albums.

Carlos Fiorelli said...

Friend, you are a saint!!!! Thank you so much! I was looking for the album "ONO" (1976), along long time years ago!! It is a relic, ultra rare now. You make my year!!!!!
Well, one question, is possible (do you have too?) rip more 2 out of print of Kaapana & Hui Ohana that I need: "Hawaii-Tahiti" (1977) & "Aloha Pumehana" (1978)????????????
Thanxxxxxxxxxxxx and the best to you, fellow!!!!!!!!!!

Traitor Vic said...

Eek! Carlos!

Sorry to report that these are the only two Hui Ohana that I have. I'll keep my eyes out for any more, of couse (as I have for about 20 years now). Can't promise anything other than that I'll do my best!

Carlos Fiorelli said...

No problem, fellow! You are doing one of the best blog that I know about Hawaiian music!
Great work!!! Mahalo so much and peace!!!!

flatulist said...

Just dropped by to see what you were up to. Found these wonderful albums. Can't wait to hear ONO! Thanks

alohacurrent said...

Hui Ohana and Makaha Sons, fantastic albums. Many thanks Tuna.

Anonymous said...

Aloha! Happy Halloween!
Hawaiian music is the best in the world. Listening to KPOA right now baby!

Anonymous said...

Hana Ho Bruddah!

Raphy said...

Thanks you friend for a real big singer. I just knew of him about 5hrs ago!..... I fell in love with one of is songs. "Come On Over"

Do you it? Can you post the Lp or the mp3... Please

Big Up!@!

Anonymous said...

Thanks/Mahalo Tuna. How about Hui Ohana - Ke Kolu.

Anonymous said...

Re-do again in best quality Hui Ohana - Ono cause get too must distorting sound likeclipping. No more Hui Ohana - Hawaii-Tahiti? Thanks/Mahalo