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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra: Music & More Music for Dining

I Sure Hope You're Hungry!

George Melachrino never was quite as bold and brassy as those of his contemporaries who tend to be featured in collections of Lounge or Space-Age Pop music. His records are much more tame and, perhaps, stuffy than most by such as Nelson Riddle and George Shearing.

When I was a kid there was a radio station in our market that broadcast music such as this. They would play Perry Como but not Dean Martin, 101 Strings but not The Hollyridge Strings, and Roger Miller but not Jimmy Smith. Station personnel didn't use words like Swing, Hot or Cool on the air. What they played never strayed from a very narrow path. What they played they called Beautiful Music.

And that's exactly what this is. Lush, lovely and wholly unoffensive, this music is where Easy Listening's reputation as "Background" or "Elevator" music came from. These days, though, I find it soothing, nostalgic, and even unusual in that there is nothing exactly like it still being produced. Sometimes I don't want my music to be too exciting or too challenging. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and eat dinner and be made to feel comfortable. That's what Beautiful Music does best.

How to enjoy these records:

Prepare your favorite tuna salad. Spread over split English muffins or
two slices of bread. Top with slices of cheese, and place on tray in broiler until cheese melts.

Prepare a beverage of your choice.

Start music.

Sit down.

Shut up.

Eat and Enjoy.

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra: Music for Dining

  1. Diane (I'm in Heaven When I See You Smile)
  2. Too Young
  3. September Song
  4. Chopin Clopant
  5. Warsaw Concerto
  6. Domino
  7. Tenderly
  8. Charmaine
  9. Faithfully Yours
  10. Chansonette
  11. Dark Secret
  12. Legend of the Glass Mountain

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra: More Music for Dining

  1. Dream / Melody in F
  2. You Are Too Beautiful
  3. Ruby
  4. Ramona
  5. Blue Moon
  6. L'Amour Toulours L'Amour (Love Everlasting)
  7. Easy to Love
  8. Musetta's Waltz Song
  9. Gigi
  10. Stars in My Eyes
  11. These Foolish Things
  12. Always

These were from a series of albums by The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra called "Moods in Music." Others included Music for Relaxation, Music for Reading, Music for Courage and Confidence, Music to Help You Sleep, Music for Two People Alone, Music for Daydreaming and Music to Work or Study By.

By the way... I actually found that Tuna Melt recipe on a Recipe Website.


Soullifter said...

Thanks for two more great LP shares, and the recipe. You rock as usual!

insipid said...

I am so hungry, now!

johnny dollar said...

me too, also!

PELEON said...

hi, i'm a big fan of the Melachrino Strings, and I'd love to get this 2 lp. Is it possible?.

Traitor Vic said...

Hi, Peleon. Thanks for commenting!

I'll be making links to the Melachrino LPs available sometime around the 14th of May. I keep the posts secret for members of The Tuna Melt Mailing List for a month before adding them to the site. Sorry 'bout that.

It may be complicated but it beats having all your posts taken down within a day of them being put up.

Thanks for alerting me to look at El Rincón Del 45. Very nice!

PELEON said...

ok, i'll wait

PELEON said...

Hi, i saw it yesterday, thank you. Some of the tracks were released on the cd C'Est L'Amour! Romantic French Classics. I think I have one of his EP, if I find it I'll post it.

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks for hangin' in there, Peleon. Hope they were worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

These albums are great!

FootballRugby said...

It's to bad the links don't work anymore since rapidshare.com went out of business :o( could you please re-post these on zippyshare ?