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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Psycotic Pineapple: Where's the Party?

It's Not JUST Crazy… It's PSYCOTIC!!!

The first time I ever heard of The Psycotic Pineapple was on a Sex Pistols' record. I'm not gonna bother explaining that, as it's a pretty obscure reference, except to say that it piqued my interest enough that when I finally ran across a Psycotic Pineapple record in a store I bought it immediately! And I've never been sad for doing so.This one is very New Wave!!! And, of course, as anyone who was alive in the early 80s knows… There was No Such Thing as New Wave!

As such, though, it seems to be a pretty perfect record for 1980. It contains all the perfect 1980 stuff... Some Twangy Guitars, The Perfect "Kind-of, but not really, Obscure" 60s song, "Bad" Words, FUZZ!!!, and a Healthy Dose of Humor.

Humor is a good thing, by the way. Silliness is good too. This record has plenty of Silliness.

Psycotic Pineapple: Where's the Party?

  1. Hang On for Your Life
  2. The Devil Has Work for Idle Hands
  3. I Forgot Who I Was
  4. I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You
  5. The Saw
  6. Headcheese
  7. Sabrina
  8. She's Boss
  9. You're Gonna Miss Me
  10. Drop Out
  11. I Want Her So Bad


Anonymous said...

Please enlighten me/us as to the Sex Pistols reference to Pyno.

Traitor Vic said...


So, FINALLY, someone demands to know of what I spoke, eh!?!

Very cool, hinty!

The reference of which I spoke was, actually, uttered during a Radio Program featuring Some Stupid DeeJay, of course, and The Sex Pistols taking Radio Calls in Los Angeles, or San Fransisco, or somewhere like that, which was NOT ONLY RECORDED, but RELEASED ON ELLPEE!!!

Yep!!! And, as far as I can tell, NEVER RELEASED AGAIN!

Which means what!?!



Anonymous said...

We were at the other end of the phone call which you mention. The caller was John Holmes, a friend of Psycotic Pineapple, or 'pyno' as those familiar with the band called them.

Traitor Vic said...

Ah, Yes! I always kind of figured it was someone who had a reason to make the call. Glad to know that 'Pyno' inspired such fanaticism!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. It was called "Some Product", I believe. I remember the reference now that you remind me of it. I no longer have the record, but know exactly what you were talking about. Can't remember whether I had the album yet or not. My memory is clouded from too much Headcheese, no doubt.